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African American Women can Rock the Ombre Hair Trend too!

If you are African American and your tresses are currently dark but you'd still like to have fun with the ombre hair trend, there are many ways to make this happen! Ombre has definitely evolved from clothing and accessories and recently is being seen everywhere on hair!  This trend came from everyday women who were too lazy with their touch ups or simply wanted a hint of lighter (or darker!) hair to show near their scalp. Due to the beginnings of this hair trend, women who allowed their tips to show (near their scalp) have definitely helped this trend evolve.

Now ombre is much more than just growing out your locks and showing off your natural dark hair color underneath all that blonde. If you're a beautiful black woman with dark hair ombre is fun to show off via other ways, such as with bright tips and incorporating blonde as opposed to dark. Here's how to get an ombre look you'll love.

Bright Purple is Bold {and also Temporary if you Want it to be!}  - Since bright colors are very fun and bold, why not add color to the bottom of your tresses or a large section of them? We're talking bright hues of purple, pink, blue, or all three! Create a fun look that will definitely show off this hot ombre trend.

Not ready to take the permanent ombre plunge? Kevin Murphy has come out with a Color Bug product that allows you to "put on your purple hair" for the night and as soon as you wash your tresses the purple will wash out too! It's just like applying makeup only better. ;) If you're afraid of dying your tips permanently purple or another favorite color this is the next best thing. Plus, since you have dark hair bright fun colors like purple will definitely show up.

Dark with Honey Blonde -

Another fun part about ombre is that you don't have to just incorporate bright colors like purple, you can play with other natural colors that you're more familiar with such as honey blonde and brown. One idea is to keep the hair closest to your head black or a dark brown and then about 4" or 5" way down change it subtly by incorporating a lighter brown. Then - half way down your hair (2 -3" past the lighter brown), incorporate a gorgeous color like honey blonde. This type of ombre is simply stunning and you'll have to look below at Raven-Symone's tresses to see what we mean.

These are just two examples of how to take your dark hair and rock this ombre trend. Whether you decide to play with fun colors like purple or pink permanently or temporarily, it's important to not necessarily go with the trend, but do what you feel will look the best on you and your tresses. Keep in mind though that if you're a full time worker in an office a more natural ombre effect might be a safer bet. Either way, your tresses will definitely look gorgeous rocking this trend! So have fun and embrace being African American because your dark locks will definitely look  fierce and fabulous while showing off a hot ombre trend.

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