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It’s all About Hair Buns from Coast to Coast!

It’s all About Hair Buns from Coast to Coast! Since we launched our Perfect Locks Scrunchies made from natural hair, more and more celebrities have been spotted at the biggest events rocking the kind of messy bun style that dominated the 90’s and Y2K. These simple stretchable buns offer anyone.....
Clip In Hair Extensions Guide
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The Beginner’s Guide To Clip In Hair Extensions

So you’re thinking of taking the plunge when it comes to extensions? But, maybe you don’t want to fully commit to them yet and go for a long-term method like a weave or beaded hair extensions. Or, perhaps you want the flexibility to change up your hairstyle as often as.....
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What are Perfect Crown™ Halo Hair Extensions?

In this day and age, when you’re in the mood for a hair or style change, you want it NOW. Life happens fast, occasions pop up, and in the hustle bustle as we head into warmer weather sometimes you need more flexibility when it comes to extensions. You want length.....
Mistakes everyone makes with clip ins
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5 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Clip-Ins

Picture it: you have a special occasion and you want to look simple EXTRA. So you grab your clip-ins, but they’ve become a tangled, frizzed out mess. What happened? Clip-Ins are the quickest, easiest way to add instant length, volume and elegance to your hair for a statement making style,.....
hand-tied weft extensions
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The Gal’s Guide to Hand-Tied Wefts

Hair extensions have come a long way the past few decades. There was a time when wearing extensions was a faux pas, and celebrities would lie straight face when asked if they wore them. But then…they went mainstream and part of the reason is that today there are so many.....
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Priyanka's Mother's Day Gift Guide

On May 14th, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially recognized Mother’s Day as a national holiday, largely through the persistence of Anna Jarvis. It was Anna’s mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis whose “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” before the Civil War were the precursor to the holiday. Anna conceived Mother’s Day as one.....
remy hair vs non-remy hair
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The Truth About Remy Hair vs. Non-Remy Hair

When World War II came to a close, the materials that were absorbed by the war effort (such as nylon), were free once again for the public’s consumption. Nylon was put to work in new ways…such as the development of artificial hair extension pieces to offer a little “flair” to.....
hand-tied row hair extensions
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Hand-Tied Rows: Everything You Need to Know

You asked and we listened…We are now offering colored hand-tied rows! Our hand-tied rows are ethically sourced and single drawn Remy human hair. All of our colored hair goes through a PigmentPlus+ Ammonia free process, which is non-damaging while maintaining the integrity of the hair. Our hand-tied rows are available in 3 textures and.....
how to blend hair extensions
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How to Blend Hair Extensions with Short Hair

Extensions are made to add thickness, volume, sometimes highlights, but almost always...length. But what if your hair is shorter than the average? You’d end up looking like one of those middle school girls who bought their first pair of hair extensions from a kiosk at the mall and clipped them.....
Get Glamorous Hair this Valentine's Day
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Get Glamorous Hair this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to love. What a better way to show your love than by giving some love to your locks? Whether you have a hot date planned or a girl’s night out, treat yourself to some Valentine’s Day glam! Keep reading to find out how to.....
beaded wefts vs machine wefts
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Beaded Weft Vs. Machine Weft: Which is Right for Me?

If you’re new to extensions, it’s very easy to get confused by the difference between a beaded weft and a regular weft. It’s practically the same type of extension, but the installation methods are very different. Allow us to help explain the difference so you can decide which extension will.....
things to know before getting braids
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5 Things You Need to Know Before You Get Braids

Braids are great for any season! As you may know, braids are a great protective hairstyle that gives your hair a rest and allows it to grow while maintaining a cute style that can be worn many different ways with an infinite number of patterns and techniques. Braids are incredibly.....
i-tip, u-tip and beaded weft fusion hair extensions
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Everything You Need To Know About Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are the perfect semi-permanent hair solution for those who want to wake up every day with gorgeous hair. It is one of the simpler hair installation methods and provides complete freedom to style your hair however you’d like. Keep reading to find the best fusion hair method.....
lace frontal vs lace closure
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What’s the Difference Between Frontals and Closures?

If you’re interested in getting a weave or making a wig, a natural look is an absolute must! You’ve already got the bundles, but now you have to decide if you’d like to finish your look off with a closure or frontal. How do you know what is right for.....
Everything You Need to Know About Beaded Weft Extensions
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Everything You Need to Know About Beaded Weft Extensions

Keeping up with all the different hair trends and extension techniques can be pretty difficult! One minute, clip-ins are the new “thing” and the next, everyone is wearing wigs or weaves, but how do you know which extension technique is right for you? For those looking to add volume and.....