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Lace Clip-In Hair Extensions

Take your lace clip-in hair extension experience to the next level with our Remy clip-in hair extensions, available in natural virgin and Remy tones. Our traditional clip-in sets use Remy hair with superior blending and styling power. They're hand-crafted, built to last, and made to match your style. Pure, true, you.

Clip In Hair Extensions

What's Included

Our lace clip-in hair extensions come in a variety of styles, whether it be color, type, or texture. From straight to wavy to curly, and from platinum blonde to chocolate brown to natural black, there’s something here for everyone! Made with 100% real Remy human hair, these lace clip-in hair extensions are guaranteed to last.

Each Set Includes

  • Premium quality, 100% authentic Indian human remy hair
  • Our unique DuraLock™ Premium Clips for lasting wear
  • InvisiTrak™ Signature Lace Design means you pop them in and they blend in seamlessly with your own hair! No visible clips, no unsightly lines of separation.


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Lace Clip-In Hair Extensions Reviews

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When it comes to clip-in hair extensions, there are two main types: lace and seamless. Seamless extensions are made with a thin, silicone-based material that is designed to mimic the scalp. This makes them a good choice for people with thin or fine hair, as they provide a more natural-looking option. Lace extensions, on the other hand, are made with a thicker material that is designed to offer more coverage. They are a good option for people with thicker hair, as they can help to add volume and fullness. Both types of extensions can be styled in any way, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Seamless clip-ins, have a flexible silicone base that is lighter and more comfortable to wear. Our seamless clip-ins are available in several more styles and colors. The base is nearly invisible and so they can be blended into your natural hair for a natural look.

The more traditional lace clip-ins are made with a thicker and more durable lace base, they are preffered for thicker hair and are readily available in a wider range of textures.

Seamless clip-ins are suitable for any hair type, but women with thin or fine hair often find them to be more comfortable and less damaging to the scalp. The lighter weight of the extensions means that they place less strain on the roots, which can help to prevent breakage. In addition, seamless clip-ins can be easily removed at the end of the day, making them a low-maintenance option for busy women. Whether you’re looking for a temporary change or a more permanent style, seamless clip-ins are a great option.

Yes! This is why we offer so many gorgeous hair textures at Perfect Locks. Because everybody's texture is beautiful, and DIFFERENT. Take your time blending the extensions. Work in small sections and use a teasing brush or your fingers to blend the hair together. If you have any trouble, just contact our customer support team and we'll be happy to help!

Unfortunately, no! Seamless clip-ins would be a better option for thin hair because they are lightweight and more flexible.