tape-in hair extensions tape-in hair extensions

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are the most popular hair extension technique for a seamless, long-lasting, and manageable solution. They are non-damaging, lightweight, and last 4-6 weeks. Reuse our long-lasting Remy human hair tape-ins multiple times with hair replacement tape.

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Semi-permanent, Seamless, 100% Remy Tape-In Hair Extensions

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  1. Premium quality, 100% authentic Indian human Remy hair
  2. HairLock+™ Premium Adhesive offers you a lasting, damage free bond that holds fast and won’t let go until your next appointment
  3. Affordable replacement HairLock+™ Premium Adhesive Strips can be replaced every 4 to 6 for longterm wearability
  4. No Ick Guarantee! Never any ooey goey sticky glues will ruin your natural hair surrounding each tape-in…EVER.

Are Tape-Ins for Me?

  • Do you want extensions that last, but want to change things up seasonally? YES
  • Do you love to follow what’s trending in hairstyles and claim it as your own? YES
  • Do you have time to visit a hairdresser every 4 to 6 weeks for reapplication? YES
  • Can you commit to a wee bit of daily maintenance to keep those extensions looking great? YES
  • Are you on a medium-like budget? YES!

Lasts 4 to 6 weeks. Can be reinstalled with replacement tape.

Tape-Ins can be reused 2 to 3 times, and each time can last from 4 to 6 weeks to accommodate for new growth. You'll just need to visit your hairdresser to get them reinstalled using tape-in replacement tape. Use a proper clarifying shampoo, and other sulfate-free products to promote longevity and good hair health.

Protect your investment

Invest in your hair, we recommend using only the highest quality sulfate-free hair care products for your weaves. Doing so regularly will keep them soft and tangle-free. Our Inspire line of hair care products has been proven to work and prolong the life of our hair.

Hair is attached to one side of an adhesive strip with a a backing you peel away. The extension is then sandwiched around

No, we recommend consulting a hair stylist who can give you a professional consultation and installation.

If correctly installed, tape-ins can be lightweight, seamless, and non-damaging. Please consult a licensed professional before installation.

We do not recommend coloring on top of colored hair. Virgin hair can be colored, however we do recommend a strand test first. All coloring procedures and chemicals are not created equal and can harm the hair if not used properly.

Tape-ins need to be reinstalled every 4 to 6 weeks. They are easy to maintain with sulfate-free products. It's advised not to use conditioner near the adhesive area, as this could affect the bond.

We make removal easy with a number of adhesive remover options. Simply spray the alcoholic acetone based remover and gently pull them out after a few minutes. It's that easy! Reinstallation has never been easier with our single-sided and replacement tape. Any salon professional will be able to reapply these tape-ins to help you get the most mileage out of your hair.

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