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How to Make your Tape-in Hair Extensions Last Longer

Sun, Apr 23, 17

As women, we grow up yearning for long, luscious hair. We watched Disney movies full of Princesses with tresses tumbling down castle towers and we were convinced that great hair was the way to a great life.

…Then we grew up. 

Having great hair is definitely a plus but unlike we were tricked into believing as little girls, flawlessly flowing locks is far from reality. Let’s talk split ends, frizz, and a lack in length, shall we? Fortunately, we also grew up in an era where a solution is always right around the corner and that solution is tape-in hair extensions.

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What are Tape In Hair Extensions?

So, what are these beautiful strips of hair that have taken over the beauty industry? Tape in extensions are unlike all the rest. They’re a healthier and safer alternative to hair extensions that don’t put an abundance of stress on your scalp. Instead of sewing in strips of hair into your roots or tacking hair extensions on with some toxic glue, you’re simply sticking them on like a sticker – a really, strong, non-slip, durable sticker!

Tape in hair extensions are designed to give a natural, flawless look and feel. They’re partially-permanent, meaning you don’t have to attach them every morning nor do you have to commit to them for an entire year. They last approximately 5-6 weeks on average but with proper maintenance and hair care, you can rock tape-in hair extensions for up to two months. So, what’s the secret? We’ve got it.

Brush your Tape in Hair Extensions Properly

While brushing your hair seems like such a simple, mundane task, it’s actually much more elaborate than you may think. This is especially true when wearing tape in hair extensions. Here are some things to remember the next time you brush your tape in tresses:  how to make your tape in hair extensions last, tape-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, tape in extensions, tape-in extensions,

  • Brush your extensions at least twice a day (morning and night).
  • Brush hair before the shower as it becomes weaker when wet.
  • Brush from the bottom up to deter tangles, pulling, and stress.
  • Always use a hair extension brush

Place Importance on your Daily Hair Regime

In addition to brushing, there are many additional things you can do to make your tape-in hair extensions last longer.

  • Use proper, premium hair care products.
  • Use a leave in condition to deter tangles.
  • Shower regularly (yes, you can shower and even swim with tape-in extensions).
  • Avoid roughly scrubbing the strips of extensions when shampooing.
  • Condition from mid-shaft down and not on your roots.
  • Never sleep with wet tape in hair extensions.
  • Use protectant spray when styling with hot iron tools.
  • Never use a hot iron on the tape tabs.

Touch Up Your Tresses

You don’t have to touch up tape-in extensions which is one of the greatest advantages.  how to make your tape in hair extensions last, tape-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, tape in extensions, tape-in extensions, However, if you want to make them last longer than the average time, there are some things you can do to touch them up along the way. After all, your hair isn’t going to stop growing so the longer you have your tape in extensions, the more touch ups you should be doing.

  • Reapply tape strips when extensions grow away from your roots.
  • Pretty tape strips together daily.
  • Use dry shampoo when in need of a pick-me-up sans shower.


While maintaining tape-in hair extensions is exceptionally easy, these hair care tips will make them last longer. So, if you want them for longer than 5-6 weeks (and who doesn’t?), this is the way to do it.

Perfect Locks has everything you need to keep your tresses worthy of a Disney movie. Shop today and keep those locks luscious.  


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