How to Make your Tape-in Hair Extensions Last Longer

As women, we grow up yearning for long, luscious hair. We watched Disney movies full of Princesses with tresses tumbling down castle towers and we were convinced that great hair was the way to a great life.

…Then we grew up. 

Having great hair is definitely a plus but we were unlikely tricked into believing this as little girls. Having flawlessly flowing locks is far from reality. Let’s talk split ends, frizz, and a lack of length, shall we? Fortunately, we also grew up in an era where a solution is always right around the corner and that solution is tape-in extensions.

What are Tape In Hair Extensions?

So, what are these beautiful strips of hair that have taken over the beauty industry? Tape in extensions are unlike all the rest. They’re a healthier and safer alternative to hair extensions that don’t put an abundance of stress on your scalp. Instead of sewing in strips of hair into your roots or tacking hair extensions on with some toxic glue, you’re simply sticking them on like a sticker – a really, strong, non-slip, durable sticker!

Tape in hair extensions are designed to give a natural, flawless look and feel. They’re partially-permanent, meaning you don’t have to attach them every morning nor do you have to commit to them for an entire year. They last approximately 5-6 weeks on average but with proper maintenance and hair care, you can rock tape-in hair extensions for up to two months. So, what’s the secret? We’ve got it.

1. Wash Your Hair Before Installation

Before the installation of your tape-in extensions, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo. This will enable a clean installation of your tape bonds, ensuring that they are not affected by any chemicals, oils, or buildups. We wouldn’t want to make mistakes from the very beginning.

2. Don't Wash Your Hair Right Away After Installation

After getting your tape-ins installed, it is recommended that you wait 24 hours to 48 hours before washing your hair. This will enable the tape bonds to settle and bond to your hair, so that your extensions won’t easily fall off. 

3. Brush Your Tape in Hair Extensions Properly

While brushing your hair seems like such a simple, mundane task, it’s actually much more elaborate than you may think. This is especially true when wearing tape in hair extensions. Here are some things to remember the next time you brush your tape in tresses: 

  • Brush your extensions at least twice a day (morning and night).
  • Brush your hair before the showering as it becomes weaker when wet. It also helps remove any tangles which will make it easier to bathe.
  • Remember to always brush from the bottom up to deter tangles, pulling, and stress.

Always use a hair extension brush as it uses loops to gently glide through your hair, which will prolong the life of your extensions.