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Hair Stylist Installing Weft Hair Extensions
Hair Stylist Installing Weft Hair Extensions

Weft Hair Extensions

Delight your clients and accelerate your business by offering your customers the highest quality Remy human hair extensions in the market. Experience a diverse range of texture, color, and techniques with our semi-permanent and permanent hair solutions. Lasts 4 weeks to 12 weeks depending on the method, and can be reinstalled. Learn more with our weft guide!


Ethically Sourced Remy hair from Indian Temples

Premium Human Hair Wefts

cutting hybrid weft track hybrid weft bundle

Hybrid Weft Extensions

Thin, flat, & lightweight-
No beard, track can be cut
3 x 12" long tracks, 54g total
Hand Tied Weft ExtensionsClose Up of Hand Tied Tracks Hand-Tied Extensions

Hand-Tied Extensions

Thin, lightweight, & flexible
Hand-knotted weft lays flat
4oz wefts or 2oz rows
Machine Weft Hair ExtensionsClose Up of Machine Weft Tracks Machine Weft Hair Extensions

Machine Wefts Extensions

Thick, strong, & durable
Perfect for full sew-in installs
1 long track weighing 4oz
Double Drawn Extensions Double Drawn Weft Extensions

Double Drawn Wefts

Full from root to end
Fully hand-knotted tracks
5 tracks weighing 4oz
Beaded Weft Hair Extensionsnatural beaded rows close up of track Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Beaded Weft Extensions

Easy & quick to install
Pre-beaded tracks
1 long track weighing 4oz
Bundle Deal Extensions

Weft Bundle Deals

Multiple Weft Types
Buy more, save more
Most popular options

Bundle Deals Available

Explore our huge selection of hand-picked bundle deals to find your perfect look today!

Customers & Stylists

100k+ Happy Clients

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Wefts are Hollywood’s best kept secret for transitioning from short haircut one week to long-flowing hair the next! They also are a perfect way to create a new style while growing out your own natural hair, giving your hair a rest from chemical services or to add fullness & body. A weave is like a protective shield for your natural hair, protecting from the elements and giving you the option to cut, color, style or blow dry your hair without consequences to your own natural hair. They are damage free hair play!

  • Premium quality, 100% authentic Indian human remy hair
  • Our DuraTrack™ Signature Design delivers strong and durable lasting wear. Every strand holds fast…for longer with minimal shedding with time and daily wear.
  • PerfectLocks PureProcess™ is our signature chemical-free, silicone-free processing system of harvested hair to be as pure as possible. This means less tangles, mattes and maximum durability.
  • Maximum flexibility to find the weave that best suits your hair desire and lifestyle.

Hand-Tied Wefts

If you're looking for a partial installation to add length or volume, then a hand-tied weft or hand-tied rows might fit the bill for a partial or full install. These come pre-cut, so do not cut them. Otherwise, they might shed. Hand-tied wefts are also preferable for thin or fine hair, as the weft is much thinner and not as bulky as a machine weft. Our hand-tied and beaded rows weigh 2 ounces per pack.

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts have a thicker track which is a better solution for women with thicker or coarse hair. The track can be cut and strategically placed to fit areas for your desired style. Machine wefts come in 4 ounce packs and are usually the best solution for partial or full sew-in weave installs.

Weft hair extensions are extensions that are sewn into your hair. They should be installed by you or a professional hairstylist. There are different ways to sew in the extensions, but the most popular way is to sew them in so they are hidden beneath your natural hair. This gives the illusion of longer, thicker hair. Weft hair extensions can be a great way to add length and volume to your hair. Hand-tied wefts have been gaining popularity over the years, there are several techniques included the beaded row method and the upcoming Perfect Locks Method launching in 2022.

With proper care, weft hair extensions can last for months. However, it's important to remove them periodically to clean the natural hair and prevent tangles. Additionally, the weight of the extensions can cause breakage if they are left in for too long. As a result, it's best to consult with a professional to determine how often to remove and reinstall the extensions. With proper care, weft hair extensions can give you the gorgeous, voluminous hair you've always wanted.

The actual hair extensions themselves can last for years and are reausable if they are high quality Remy hair, like the wefts here at Perfect Locks. Proper maintenance in required.

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