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How the best virgin hair extensions company began.

Fearless femininity, beautiful bravery

Co-founder Priyanka Swamy began with a strong, heartfelt mission: to reveal a woman’s natural beauty and empower women around the world. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Priyanka witnessed a beautiful and selfless act in temples, commonplace with spiritual Indian women—the ritual of Tonsure. This pure ritual is centered around “letting go”. Women selflessly shave their beautiful tresses and offer them to a higher power, thereby achieving spiritual enlightenment.

Moved by this supreme gesture, Priyanka believed that women would benefit from the highest quality natural hair extensions, most enviable hair in the world. What filled one woman with selflessness and enlightenment would bestow another with hope and empowerment. And both sides are equally beautiful.

Today, Priyanka along with her husband Gautama, ethically source the highest quality 100% Authentic Virgin Indian Hair available from Indian temples. Uncompromising in their pursuit for perfection, they take pride that each strand is hand-selected and triple inspected to create a new industry standard. Our customers can also feel proud for taking part in charitable causes benefiting women, children and communities.

ethically sourced in India
female owned by priyanka swamy
Factory based in India