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Hair Care for Hair Extensions

About Perfect Locks' Hair

About Perfect Locks' Hair

The hair we offer is authentic and natural Indian hair, it must be treated as such. Proper care and maintenance is a must.

Only use high quality, sulfate-free products on your hair extensions. Using the wrong product can dry out the hair or add a waxy build up that coats the hair, which can be the root cause for tangling and matting. Perfect Locks has developed our very own line of hair care products. Our Inspire Hair Care line is free from Sulfates, Ammonia, Parabens, and other harmful ingredients that can damage your hair. This line has been thoroughly tested with our natural hair extensions as well as natural hair.

TIPS & Advice

Caring for Your Hair

Fortunately, there is an easy and foolproof remedy for common hair extension issues like tangling and matting. We highly encourage all of our customers to follow these pre-installation requirements before installation of their hair, and after installation on a weekly basis to ensure the highest quality outcome from your new hair. Repeat the below steps every other day.

Washing and conditioning:

  1. Brush out all knots. Brush from the bottom up.
  2. Wet the hair with warm water.
  3. Shampoo the hair with a quarter sized amount of shampoo.
  4. Rinse the shampoo with warm water.
    QUICK TIP: Warm water helps open the cuticle and prepares the hair for the next step.
  5. Apply a generous amount of conditioner, run your fingers through the hair from the top down. Scrunch the ends with conditioner, this remedies split ends with ease.
    QUICK TIP: Comb the conditioner through with a wide tooth comb.
  6. Rinse the conditioner out with luke-warm water.
  7. Pat dry with a bowl. Do not rub the hair to dry it, gently pat.

For extra added care follow the these two steps:

  • For best results, apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner every week.
  • Perform a deep conditioning at least once a month.

A routine hair care regimen is vital for proper upkeep of our 100% natural human hair products. The more you take care of your hair, the better you protect your investment... Ultimately leading to a happier you.

How to Wash Straight Hair

How to Wash Straight Hair Extensions

How to Wash Wavy Hair

How to Wash Wavy Hair Extensions

How to Wash Curly Hair

How to Wash Curly Hair Extensions


Quick Note: Due to our strict 14-day return and exchange policy, once the hair is out of the purple zip-ties or it has been cut or altered, we are unable to honor a return and exchange. As for wigs, once the lace is cut or it has been cut or altered it also voids our return and exchange policy. To read our full return policy please click here.

With the exception of clip-ins and wigs, we highly recommend having an experienced licensed professional install your Perfect Locks hair extensions. Perfect Locks is not liable for any installation mishaps or issues with installation. We are not responsible for any damage caused to the scalp or the hair as this is a result of the installation service.

Natural hair fall will occur even while hair extensions are installed. This means you will notice loose hair during the removal. We recommend having all hair extensions removed by a licensed professional with the use of proper tools and products.

If you are experiencing any type skin or allergic reaction after your extensions are installed, we recommend speaking with a physician.


Styling and hair care products are another key factor in maintaining the hair. With whichever hair care and styling products you use, make sure to use Sulfate and Paraben- Free products. When using only sulfate-free or only paraben-free products, it can not only damage your hair but Perfect Locks hair as well. Since our hair is Remy Indian human hair, it will need a little more TLC. Indian hair can be more on the drier side, to take care of this, use oils. Argan oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oils will help bring the hair back to life. If you have purchased our curly hair or colored hair, it will need a lot more moisture, make sure to add oils throughout the hair daily. This will help prevent any frizziness that could transpire. Specific combs are also important for maintaining hair. We like to recommend a wide-tooth comb or loop brush. Using either of these combs will prevent snagging and it won’t cause frizziness. However, using round or paddle brushes can lead to very frizzy hair. 


When sleeping with extensions, we highly recommend braiding your hair. This will prevent any future tangling or matting. If you happen to take showers at night, you can always blow dry your hair, then braid it. When going to bed with loose wet hair, it can cause major tangling and matting. When putting your hair in a ponytail before sleeping, this can cause breakage and you still have a high possibility of obtaining knots. We also highly recommend that you use a satin cap and/or satin pillowcase. Using these items will not only help prevent tangling, but it will also help with frizziness. When using a cotton pillowcase or nightcap, this can cause a lot of friction on the hair. Once friction takes place, you will receive frizz, tangling or matting.  


You most certainly can! But make sure you take a few steps to care for them after getting out of the water. First, wash any salt or chemicals from your hairstyle and let dry quickly so they don't stay wet for long periods time - this will help reduce damage caused by sweat while exercising which could lead into frizzyness due how badly dampened locks become when exposed repeatedly during activity.


Of course! But it's important to take precautions so they don't get damaged. Wear a bun or braid and keep the locks away from sweat-soaked fabric if you want them intact after exercise for an enjoyable experience! After exercising be sure to follow the washing and conditioning instructions listed above.

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair, tangling, and matting is something a lot of women dread, but it’s highly common in all hair textures. A lot of the time it can occur due to improper maintenance, whether that be from sleeping or using the wrong products. When taming hair, it’s quite easy to bring it back to life, as long as you maintain the hair properly.

With this deep conditioner regimen, it will KNOT be a problem!

  1. When tangling and matting occur you want to see where the root of the problem is. Whether it happens at the base of the hair or the ends. 
  2. Once you find the complication, grab a Deep Conditioner and some Argan Oil or coconut oil. Mix the deep conditioner and the oil of your choice in a bowl. These two products really help with hydrating the hair and it helps get any tangling or matting that was caused.
  3. Once the products have been mixed, lather the hair with the mix that you made. Make sure to cover all of the hair, but add a little extra tender love and care to the problem area. 
  4. Let the deep conditioner and oil mix set in your hair for approximately 15 - 45 mins. This would depend on how bad the condition of the hair is in. 
  5. When time is up, grab a wide-tooth comb, and gently brush the hair while the mix is still in the hair. When brushing the hair, make sure to go in sections and brush from the bottom, up. If you brush the hair too harshly it can cause breakage and it can cause more damage. Depending on how bad the condition of the hair is in, you can always apply more oil to the problem area and slowly detangle the hair. 
  6. Once the hair has been fully detangled, rinse the hair in lukewarm water. To really ensure that all the knots are out, brush the hair with a wide-tooth comb whilst rinsing the hair.
  7. When the hair has been thoroughly rinsed, slide your fingers down the hair and make sure to take out the excess water. Pat the hair dry with a microfiber towel and make sure hair isn’t too damp.
  8. After drying the hair, apply some argan oil to the ends and work up to seal the cuticle. This will keep the hair hydrated and shiny. If you want to go the extra mile, you can also apply a Leave-In Conditioner
  9. If you are washing your extensions or wig, lay the hair on a flat surface to dry overnight.


IMPORTANT: Perfect Locks will not be held responsible for any damage caused due to bad maintenance, improper chemical treatments, or chemical reactions due to natural causes or activity-related incidents like swimming or exercise..

About Texture

All of our hair is natural human hair which means not all bundles will match each other 100%. We do our best to match bundles which will blend in when installed. Steam permed textures are created using a chemical free process and the texture will alter depending on maintenance. Wavy and curly hair require more maintenance. Applying too much heat on a daily basis can alter the texture.


Our Virgin hair can be colored. We recommend having all color or chemical processing done by licensed professionals only. We do not advise lifting our virgin hair more than 3 shades. The risk of damaging the hair increases with any type of color processing. Hair can react differently to different types of products used. We always recommend doing a strand test first. Processing hair can lead to dryness, breakage, matting and tangling.

Our colored hair is processed using virgin hair, we do not recommend processing it further. We do not advise lightening or coloring over colored hair. Doing so can lead to undesirable results as it has already gone through a color process. We do not recommend the use of any blonding products such as purple shampoo.

Color can vary slightly from what is shown on the website and there may be slight tone differences in lighter shades.

Chemical Treatments

We do not recommend using OLAPLEX or any other smoothing treatments to be done on our extensions. Too much moisture can make the hair brittle and cause breakage. We can guarantee longevity of our extensions with the use of our hair care products.


Blondes that turn pink, orange or darken are not the result of a manufacturing defect. This occurs most often from contact with sun tanning sprays or lotions, makeup, argan oils, or minerals from hard water (river, ocean, spa water, chlorine, etc.).