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Fri, Nov 11, 16

Beach Waves Tutorial with Clip-In Extensions

Watch celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas as he shows Khrystyna how to style beachy beach waves. This look is so easy to achieve using the right products, it's our Platinum Blonde Clip-In hair extensions in this instance. This is an easy look that anyone can achieve with minimal effort. Follow along in our video tutorial and do it for yourself... Just go for it! Remember, using good...

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Sat, Oct 15, 16

How to Prevent a Hair Extension #FAIL

Last week pop star Britney Spears stepped out with friends in LA to spend the day shopping…but what caught the eye of passersby and paparazzi were her extra-long extensions…matted, tangled and falling out of her head! While Spears has been rocking extensions almost as long as she’s rocking out on stage, over the years she’s had several cringe worthy extension fails. If forewarned is forearmed,...

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Mon, Oct 03, 16

PINKTOBER: Hair Options for Cancer Patients & Survivors

This year alone there will be 230,480 new cases of breast cancer. 39,520 women will not see 2017. For our loving, loyal client’s, hair loss can be a devastating side effect of chemotherapy. Hair and skin are dramatically affected by chemotherapy, leading to frustration and loss of dignity. But they are not alone… Every year scores of businesses and individuals alike unite during the month...

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Fri, Sep 23, 16

The Essential Hair Extension Buyer's Guide

The Essential Hair Extensions Buyer’s Guide These days…if you follow the hair stylings of celebrities of Selena Gomez or Beyoncé, the rule of the road when it comes to their hair is: “blink and you’ll miss it”. One minute they're sporting shoulder-length bobs and long, mermaid-like beachy waves the next. Their secret? Hair extensions. Only a decade ago, 87% of women chose to keep their...

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Thu, Sep 22, 16

Warriors Dance Team Sponsor, 3 Years Strong

  We LOVE The Warriors! And we LOVE our girls! The Warriors Dance Team is a powerhouse crew of cheerleaders that dance to show support for our beloved Golden State Warriors, and we get to sponsor them for 3 years in a row. Many of the girls on the team have been wearing our hair extensions season after season, there will be a new incoming wave of...

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Mon, Sep 19, 16

Hair Truth: Sulfates Destroy Your Extensions

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard that sulfates are terrible for your hair. But what are they? What do they actually do? Why are they the enemy of hair extensions? THE SCIENCE Sulfates (sometimes listed as SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate on the ingredient list) are one of the most common lathering agents used in shampoos for almost a century....

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Thu, Sep 08, 16

4 Best Long Hair Extensions Hacks

Summer has come and gone…fall awaits and with it, the changeover in trends and style that mimics the changing of the seasons. As both celebrities and salon goer’s alike shift from summery beach blonde to fall warm hair tones, the one dominant trend in hair for 2016 is still reigning supreme: long hair. From shoulder length to Kim Kardashian’s mermaid-like waist length hair, throwback long hair...

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Fri, Sep 09, 16

The Importance of Ethically Sourced Hair Extensions

Every year over 18 million devotees visit the Venkateshwara Temple, at Tirumala in the south Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. For those devotees who make the journey to pay their respects to an incarnation of Vishnu, nothing could be more sacred or give them more joy. Every day, 12,000 of these pilgrims offer their hair as a sacred act to Vishnu, an act of thanks...

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Mon, Sep 05, 16

Long Hairstyle Trends for the New Millenial

THE “IT” HAIR TREND FOR 2016? #MERMAIDHAIR! Year in, year out hair trends come and go. But by mid-year…fashionistas and designers alike can see one trend rise above them all as the dominant trend of the year. 2015 saw the rise of the bob…short hair and pixie cuts. But this year, the trend is all about long hair…from shoulder length to ultra-long hair that bears...

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Wed, Aug 31, 16

Labor Day Hair Hazards and Hydration Remedies

With Labor Day Weekend creeping up, it’s the last gasp of summer…but did you know that in just a few days of sun, sweat, salt water or chlorine you can cut the life of your weave by 50%? Fear not, you can still work that hair on land or sea all weekend long with just a little care. After all…forewarned is forearmed! THREAT #1: The...

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