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Perfect Perks Rewards

Become a member to start earning rewards & exclusive benefits every time you shop.


Join the Perfect Perks Program to elevate your style every time you shop and indulge in exclusive benefits that enhance your beauty journey.

  • Join the Program - Receive a $10 credit towards your next purchase just for signing up. Complete your profile to become a cherished member of our community.
  • Earn Rewards - Earn points every time you shop, refer a friend, or celebrate a birthday with us!
  • Redeem for Beauty - Use your points to unlock exclusive discounts, early access to new products, and more!

Embrace the beauty of transformation with Perfect Locks, where your loyalty is rewarded with every strand.


Logging into your Perfect Locks account is straightforward. If you've already set up an account with us, simply log in using the same email and password. If you're unsure of the email you used, try the one associated with your most recent purchase. Can't remember? No problem, just reach out to our support team for help.

Our rewards program is your gateway to enhancing your beauty experience. Every purchase, referral, or special occasion can earn you points that accumulate in your rewards wallet. Here, you can manage your points, redeem rewards, and even share your referral link directly.

Earning points with Perfect Locks is easy and fun! You'll receive points for each purchase, for referring friends, and even on your birthday. The more you engage, the more you earn, turning every interaction into a chance to save on future purchases.

Your earned benefits are just a few clicks away. Simply go to your rewards wallet, find the benefit you want to use, and click 'redeem'. This will generate a code that you can apply at checkout to enjoy your reward.

Spending your rewards is just as exciting as earning them. Access your rewards wallet, choose 'spend rewards', and select how much credit you'd like to use. This will generate a discount code which you can apply during checkout to reduce the cost of your purchase.

No worries! Any unused coupons remain in your wallet, available for you to use whenever you choose. They stay safe and ready until you decide to apply them to a purchase.

To keep things fresh and engaging, rewards and tier statuses reset annually. This helps you stay motivated throughout the year to maintain or increase your tier, continuously unlocking new and exciting benefits.

Adding your rewards card to your digital wallet is a breeze. Just log into your rewards wallet on our website and click the option to add to your digital wallet. Follow the simple prompts to integrate it seamlessly with your phone.

Sharing is caring, especially with our referral system. Use the digital version of your rewards card to share your unique referral link. Friends can scan the QR code from your card to access the site and enjoy a discount on their first purchase, while you earn additional rewards.

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