The Versatility of Tape-In Hair Extensions

The Versatility of Tape-In Hair Extensions

When it comes to our hair, sometimes we just want a change…but just because we do, it doesn’t mean we want to commit to it. While there are more “permanent” methods when it comes to hair extensions and wefts (beads, weaves, etc.), when it comes to versatility nothing beats tape-in hair extensions. They only need 1.5 inches of hair to apply each tape in weft and use a medical grade adhesive to bond to your natural hair. Because tape-ins can be worn for an extended period, they are less of a daily hassle than clip-ins and give you the ability to create virtually any hairstyle, for any lifestyle.

The Go-To for the Fashionista

Are you a gal who loves to follow trends? Change up your fashion, nail, lip and hair color even depending on the season? Do you love finding inspiration in actresses you love and bringing it to your hairdresser to replicate on you? Tape-ins allow you to attain those looks for a season and simply remove them afterward! 

The Ultimate Mommy Makeover

As we get older certain conditions such as genetic aging or even menopause can cause our hair to become thinner and courser. While there are other solutions if you have started losing your hair (see our article here), tape-ins allow you to build thicker, fuller, longer and the healthier hair of youth. 

The Fix for Fine-Haired Females

Fine hair can be notoriously difficult to style as it tends to just fall stick straight now matter what we do with it. While you can use volumizing products and mousses to give it some temporary texture, it always collapses back into our straight form. Tape-ins allow you to build volume, bulk and even a little bit of a wavy texture.

Why Tape-Ins?

Tape-ins are an affordable, quick and easy to apply and they also present a totally discrete installation. While wefts or other methods can feel heavy, tape-ins are beautifully lightweight and won’t damage your natural hair when installed by a professional.

6 reasons to love them:

  1. Fast application – transformation at a lunch break!
  2. Effortlessly add color, length and dimension to your hair
  3. No damage to the natural hair
  4. Easy to self style
  5. Commitment free color and highlights
  6. Saves them time and money
  7. Durable and long lasting, they can last 8 weeks before they need to be reinstalled
  8. Hair extensions that are so comfortable you’ll forget you are wearing them!

tape in hair extensions

Tape-ins need minimal maintenance and can be reused 2 to 3 times, each time they can last from 4 to 6 weeks to accommodate for new growth. You'll just need to visit your hairdresser to get them reinstalled using tape-in replacement tape. Use a proper clarifying shampoo, and other sulfate-free products to promote longevity and good hair health.

Why Perfect Locks Tape-Ins?

Perfect Locks only uses premium quality, ethically sourced 100% Remy human hair sourced directly from temples in India. 

We include 10 pieces, a total of 5 sandwiches. We recommend 4 to 6 packs for a partial installation, or 6 to 8 packs or more for a full installation.

Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth guide to tape-In hair extensions

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