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2024 Edition

The Best Glow-Up Gifts for Moms

Give mom gifts from the heart - gifts she'll love.

Whether you are a Mom doing a little shopping for your special day, or you are on the hunt for a little something special to give your Mom the glow-up she deserves…we’ve got you covered!

Mother’s Day is the one day of the year that husbands, wives, and children can show appreciation for all the love, caring, hard work and dedication mothers put into us. What better gift than the gift of time and pampering? To feel as beautiful on the outside as they are (especially to us) on the inside. In fact 39% of moms surveyed want to relax & be pampered…and hey, no one should argue with their mom.

In consumer spending studies, some Moms reported that when they spend money on themselves, they sometimes splurge as high as $500 or as low as $100. No matter the budget or desire, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular glow-up gifts for Moms of any kind AND some celebrity makeover inspiration from iconic supermoms.

The Weekend Fashionista Mom

Some Moms like to keep this simple during the week with basic beauty routines, but come the weekend? Be it a Friday night or a Saturday night these Moms like to glam it up for date night, a girls night out or just for a busy weekend of social engagements.

The Perfect Glow-Up Gift? Clip-In Hair Extensions!

Why? It’s a fast look without commitment

Price: Mid-Range

Celebrity Inspiration

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen is a busy mom between modeling, raising two adorable children with her husband John Legend as well as creating best-selling cookbooks.

The “Made Over” Mom

Some Moms have a style they love and tend to stick with, others personify an era but evolve as they do in life…growing, changing, but staying hip and cool.

The Perfect Glow-Up Gift? Clip-In Bangs!

Why? When it comes to something that is as timeless as it is fashionably flattering, there’s nothing like bangs (fringe) to make a statement.

Price: Low-Range

Celebrity Inspiration

Gayle King

TODAY Show longtime presenter and longtime BFF to Oprha, Gayle King is a proud mom who has grown and changed with the times, celebrating the 37th birthday of her son last month on socials with a very different look than she rocks today.

The Worldly Wise Mom

There are some Moms who have LIVED and in so doing have an outlook on life that is both unfiltered, direct and worldy-wise. They carry with them a joie de vivre outlook of energy, fun and passion, but aren’t afraid to tell you who is wrong for you or offer you advice they wish they’d be given.They love they beach and live in the light, carting you off with them on their adventures.

The Perfect Glow-Up Gift? Balayage Invisi-Tape Hair Extensions

Why? They are an affordable way to get color without commitment, but are precolored as it kissed by the sun.

Price: Mid-Range

Celebrity Inspiration

Jessica Simpson

With three beautiful children, actress Jessica Simpson has been an icon of fun, fashion and possessing a wild energy in her youth, more muted as loving Mom. Never too far from her iconic blonde hair, her often viral posts on social share an unfiltered view of the ins and outs of raising children. She nevertheless steps out, always in style.

The Cool Mom

Some Moms are just cool…your friends have always thought so, you couldn’t help but notice, particularly as you got early. Cool Moms are, by definition chill, the peacekeepers of the house, whose calming energy always helps steer you right when you need it or end a dispute with your siblings. But they also possess a commanding aura when needed, not afraid to step out and dazzle when needed.

The Perfect Glow-Up Gift? Wefts

Why? They are sleek, seamless, ultra thin and incredibly lightweight. It’s a confidence booster, style enhancer and virtually invisible.

Price: Above Mid-Range

Celebrity Inspiration


She may be Queen Bey to us, but at home to her kids, she’s Mom. Always one to put her three kids in the spotlight with her, she most recently included her daughter Rumi on the track “Protector” for her eighth studio album, “Cowboy Carter”.

When it’s family dress up night for Halloween

But when it’s time to rock out, it’s time to go ALL in!