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Our founder

Priyanka's Journey to Love Her Hair

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priyanka swamy when she was a little girl in India


No Woman Should Struggle To Love Her Hair

" When I was a little girl growing up in Bangalore, India I was born with skin just a little too dark and hair that was far too curly. In that time and in that place, I didn’t fit the beauty ideal and was bullied and called ugly. I’d see models in magazines with beautifully sleek straight or just slightly wavy hair and compare myself to them and wish I could have hair like that. The inner shame I felt in the mirror for the beauty I was born with, was something I promised myself I’d overcome."

women washing hair extensions in india


A Beautiful Gift From The Temples Of India

My lifelong personal and spiritual quest to attain the hair that I wanted led me to the temples in India, where women undergo the ritual of Tonsure. This selfless act is meant to be a process of “letting go”, offering our hair to a higher to attain spiritual enlightenment. More importantly, their gift of hair is passed on to other women in the form of extensions, hairpieces and wigs. It is an act that is as beautifully brave as it is fearlessly feminine. For the giftor they are enlightened, for the giftee they are filled with hope and empowerment. If perfection of self is finding a balance, this continuity of love and balance couldn’t be more perfect.

Beautiful Models Wearing Hair Extensions


Love, Light, and Ethics

Today, alongside my husband Gautama, I seek out and ethically source the best quality virgin hair to create the options for you that I didn’t have all those years ago. Loving yourself is a lifelong struggle, but having the knowledge, options and tools to help you shape your image is something we believe deeply in. My hope is that every day when you see that beautiful you in the mirror you say to yourself, “perfect”, and begin your day with love and light.

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At PRiyanka's Core

We Strongly Believe...

  • Every woman deserves to achieve a state of grace that only comes from being kind to one’s self and loving yourself.

  • It is our responsibility to curate the widest array of options to give women across the globe complete control over their appearance.

  • No matter what kind of hair you wish you had, you should always love the reflection you see.

  • Crafting perfection is only as good as the materials you start with. As such, all of our offerings begin with premium quality 100% Authentic Virgin Indian Remy Hair.

  • Every strand in every piece craft should have a clear lineage back to where it was sourced from. Ethically sourcing hair is and should be a standard, not an exception.