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Did you know that human hair only grows about half an inch per month? Of course, if you want long and healthy hair, it's going to take a while to grow it out. Fortunately, you don't have to wait so long to have long hair! You can achieve the same effect using this celebrity stylist trick of the trade.

Instead, you can simply get clip-ins! If you've never gotten clip-in human hair extensions before, you might be wondering what makes them special when compared to other types of hair extensions.

More than that, how can you know if these kinds of extensions will look good on you and fit the rest of your hair's appearance? How long do hair extensions last, and how do you take care of them? If you're asking yourself these questions, you're in the right place to find your answers.

Keep reading and learn more about what makes Remy clip in hair extensions special. There are so many questions to ask before getting clip-in extensions. How long do they last? How do you take care of them? Is this something I can handle or would I prefer a professional installation? You'll find all of your answers here, along with tips on caring instructions!

Clip In Hair Extensions

What Are Clip-ins Exactly?

What Are Clip-ins Exactly?

There are many types of hair extensions that you can choose from such as; sew-in extensions, tape-in extensions, fusion extensions, and of course, clip-in hair extensions. So, how do clip-in extensions differ from the others? The first thing you should know is that clip-in hair extensions are one of the most popular extensions on the market. It mainly has to do with the ease of use of these extensions. As the name suggests, they have clips on one end that are designed to attach to your own hair towards the base of your scalp.

Clip-ins are the perfect commitment-free way to add length or instant volume, or even both, to your hair. You can wear them every day, or just for special occasions. And because they're not permanent, you can install and remove them yourself without having to go to a salon.

Are clip-in extensions easy to see?

Once you blend the hair on your head with the extensions, you'll find that your own hair and the extensions will blend in seamlessly. The clips are very sturdy and should not move once you clip them in place. Usually, it will only take around 5 to 15 minutes until your hair is as long and luscious as you want with hair extensions.

Will they damage my hair?

But what about hair damage? Most extensions do not damage your hair unless they were not maintained or professionally installed correctly. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about this with clip-in extensions! This is because the best clip-in hair extensions do not pull hard on your real hair to create any real damage. Finally, these hair extensions last a very long time, sometimes as long as 2 years! However, they'll only last this long if you take care of them. Otherwise, they might only last a month or so. We will discuss the different ways to take care of your hair extensions later on.

Clip-ins vs Other Types of Extensions

Clip-ins are considered Ready-To-Wear hair, as it takes little to no time to attach them to your hair. Other types of extensions can take a few hours to apply and sometimes they need to be sewn in, which can possibly put a lot of stress on your hair and scalp. Clip-ins are much less damaging since they don't require any heat to apply them. Plus, other types of extensions like tape-in hair, fusion hair, or wefts need to be installed by a professional hairstylist. They also require a lot of commitment as you have to wear them for weeks or even months at a time. And, if that isn't enough, they will require servicing every 4 to 6 weeks as your natural hair begins to grow out. The overall cost can range between $200 to $1,000 just for the servicing of professional hair extensions!

Additionally, tape-in hair, or other extensions with glue, have a chance to damage your real hair due to the higher maintenance that’s required. This is because the adhesive side can easily attach to some of the surrounding hairs on your scalp and pull them out due to improper installation. The adhesive doesn't have the same generous give that clip-in extensions do and, as a result, you might find them a bit uncomfortable to wear.

There are also extensions to fit every thickness of hair. As mentioned before, many people don't like sew-in hair extensions because they are quite heavy and not great for those who have thin hair. Clip-in extensions, on the other hand, are ideal for every hair thickness, even if you have very fine or very thick hair.

The Benefits of Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in human hair extensions, of course, are the most realistic hair extensions you can get your hands on. While synthetic extensions can look realistic, they will never have the true feel or look of real hair. For that reason, if you want to make sure your hair looks good, you shouldn't worry about spending a bit of extra money on real human hair extensions.

While they might be more expensive than synthetic hair, you'll find that the results are worth the money. If you have curly, textured, or wavy hair, you'll find that finding extensions to match your hair will be next to impossible. You will find that hair extensions from Perfect Locks, in particular, come in all different sorts of textures, colors, and lengths.

You don't even have to get a full head of extensions if you don't want to. If you want, you can get some faux bangs and call it a day. The great thing about extensions is that they can change your look in a way you might not be able to yourself, at least not for several months until your hair grows out. If you have a difficult time growing your hair out long, clip-in hair can be especially beneficial to you.

Before After Clip In Hair Extensions

Are Clip-Ins Comfortable to Wear?

They are super comfortable compared to any other type of hair extension and because they don't pull on your real hair, you won't have to worry about your hair being damaged once you take the extensions out. Instead, you can simply enjoy the extensions as long as you have them.

Stylist Tip: You will need to be careful when styling your clip-in hair extensions because there are certain tools, such as curling irons or flat irons, that may end up damaging the hair if you're not careful.

The Versatility of Clip-in Extensions

Clip-in extensions can be very versatile! You can put them in any hairstyle you desire, use as many as you need, or even use them for a pop of color or added dimension. They are best for achieving dramatic variations in length and color. Clip-in extensions can also be heat styled! But only if they are made of high-quality Remy human hair. However, when using hot tools, we recommend using a heat protectant on the extensions to reduce any heat damage they can cause. The possibilities are endless with clip-ins!

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair

You will find that all of the best extensions on the market are made from real Remy human hair. Why might that be, you ask? To start, Remy hair extensions will last much longer than synthetic extensions simply because human hair is much more durable. They will also not tangle, mat as easily, and blend with your natural hair much better. If heat styling is important to you, human hair is a must!

What is the best type of hair to choose?

Not all clip-ins are created equal, though. The best clip-in hair extensions are made with ethically sourced Remy human hair from East Indian temples. Remy hair is the best quality human hair on the market and it will last much longer than non-Remy hair. Remy hair is also less likely to tangle and mat because the cuticles are all facing in the same direction. Non-Remy hair, on the other hand, has cuticles that go in every direction, which makes them more likely to tangle and mat. The best Remy human hair on the market is virgin Remy hair, which means that it has never been dyed or treated in any way. This is the most expensive type of Remy human hair but it will also last the longest and be the most comfortable to wear.

Remy Hair vs Non-Remy Hair

Types of clip-ins

What are the different types of clip-ins?

The thing about clip-in human hair extensions is that they come in many different forms and colors. For that reason, you might find it difficult to find the right kind of extensions for your hair, especially if you've never tried hair extensions before. First, you will want to consider what kind of hair you have.

  • Clip-In Sets

    This is a group of individual pieces with clips attached that you can add to your own hair to create a fuller look. There are different types of clip-in sets, each with its own number of pieces. The average set usually contains around 5 to 8 pieces, but there are also mini sets that have fewer pieces and mega sets that have many more. Seamless clip-ins are made with a polyurethane band and are great for fine or hair. While classic lace clip-ins are made with a thicker double weft they are better for thick hair.

  • Halo Extensions

    Halo extensions are a type of headband extension used with an invisible wire that lays under your hair on the top of your head. These are great if you're looking for something that's quick and easy to put in and take out. Halo extensions are especially good for those with thin hair since they don't require any adhesive to stay in place or have very minimal clips.

  • Ponytail extensions

    Ponytail extensions are exactly what they sound like. They're a type of extension that you can put onto a ponytail to give your ponytail more volume and hair length. The best ponytail extensions have a velcro strap that's used to tie around your hair to create a secure hold.

  • Bangs

    Clip-In Bangs are a type of clip-in extension that can be used to create the illusion of bangs without having to actually cut your hair. Clip-in bangs come in many different colors and styles so you can find a pair that matches your own hair perfectly.

  • Closures

    A clip-in closure is made to attach to the top of your head on your crown area. They are great for providing coverage if you have thinning hair or if you want to protect your own hair from the elements. They have a silk base and can be applied easily by yourself as opposed to a sew-in closure which needs to be professionally installed by a hair stylist.

So, what’s the best clip in hair extensions in the market?

At the end of the day, your choice when it comes to the type of clip-in extension to try will be based on your preferences, budget, and desired look. The best clip in hair extensions are the ones that make you feel beautiful and confident, regardless of its length or type.

Below, you can find more tips on how to choose the right color and length of hair extensions to purchase, so continue reading on.

Choosing the righ color

How to choose the color of my clip-in hair extensions?

The color of your hair is, of course, quite important. The last thing you want is to buy hair extensions that don't match the color of your real hair. You will want to see if your hair is mostly one color or if it has some natural highlights for a more natural look.

By knowing more about your natural color (or the color you have it dyed) you will better be able to find hair extensions that match your hair color. To make sure that you're choosing the right colored extensions, you can contact our customer service team to learn more about our natural shades. That way, you can match your hair color to the extensions without anything else getting in the way.

It will be a bit harder to buy your extensions online because the color in the pictures might not be as accurate as you think. Even so, buying hair online isn't impossible. All you need to do is pick the color that is closest to your hair color or the ends of your hair. If the extensions are Remy human hair, you'll be able to color them to match your hair exactly.

Choosing the right length

How to choose the right length for my clip-in hair?

The great thing about human hair extensions is that they come in all sorts of lengths, from short to long. The length of your hair will, of course, play a big role in choosing the right length for your extensions. If you have short hair, you will want to get extensions that are shorter. If you have longer hair, you can get extensions that are either the same length or longer. The key to getting the right length is to blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Once you put them in, you'll find that not only do they make your hair look longer but they also make your hair look fuller. This is because, when you cover the extensions with your real hair, the bulk of the extensions will make it look like you have a lot of extra volume in your hair. If you style your extensions along with your real hair, you can give yourself even more volume.

What is the best type of clip-in hair for thin hair?

If you have thin hair, you might find that some types of extensions are too heavy for your hair. This can cause your hair to break or fall out. To avoid this, you will want to get extensions that are made with very lightweight hair. Some good options to choose from are seamless clip-ins or halo extensions. They lay flat against your scalp and will not weigh down your hair and are easy to apply.

How do I choose the right hair texture for my hair type?

The texture of your hair is very important when it comes to choosing the right kind of clip-in human hair extensions. This is because you will want the extensions to match the texture of your real hair as closely as possible. For instance, if you have very curly hair, you will want to get extensions that are also very curly.

If you have very straight hair without much body or volume, it shouldn't be too hard for you to find hair extensions that will look great on your head. Most extensions are designed to fit people with straight hair. In the past, it would be next to impossible to find extensions that would cater to those with curly or textured hair. Now, Perfect Locks is one of the leading curly and textured hair extension companies that caters to all hair types!

Where can I get curly clip-in hair extensions?

Finding gorgeous curls online is not easy! Thankfully, Perfect Locks offers curly hair extensions to your heart's content. If your hair is curly, you will want to consider what kind of curls you have. Some curls are naturally loose and wavy while others are very tight like corkscrews.

Of course, if you choose extensions with the wrong kind of curls, they aren't going to match your real hair very well and you won't be able to disguise them well either. If your hair is on the wavy side, you shouldn't have as much trouble trying to match your hair extensions to your hair.

All you need is some extensions that generally match the natural hair waves or texture pattern. That way, your hair will not only look longer but much more voluminous as well.

How long do clip-ins last?

Clip-ins can last for a long time as long as you take good care of them. Some Perfect Locks customers have had the same set of clip-ins for over 5 years! However, they will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. After all, they are known as temporary hair extensions for good reason. The lifespan of your clip-ins will also depend on how often you wear and maintain them. The quality of hair used in the clip-ins can make a huge difference as well. If you use high-quality clip-ins made from 100% human Remy hair, they can last for six months to a year or more with proper care. On the other hand, if you use lower-quality clip-ins made from synthetic fibers, they will only last for around 20 to 30 uses. So, if you plan on wearing extensions often, it is definitely worth it to spend a little extra money on a good set.

How to Take Care of Your Hair Extensions

Once you finally have your perfect hair solution, you will need to figure out how to take care of them in the correct way. Otherwise, your beautiful hair extensions will soon start showing signs of wear and tear. For the most part, you can take care of your clip-ins as you would your real hair, but there are certain measures you should take and certain things you should avoid to make sure your extensions stay in good shape.

When you wash your hair extensions, you will want to use gentle shampoo and conditioner. Harsh hair care products, in particular, can cause them to become frizzy and dry. Of course, this is the last thing you want after spending so much money on your extensions. When taking care of your clip-in extensions, you will want to use hair care products that are Sulfate and paraben free. Sulfates, alcohol, and parabens that are often found in hair care products can be especially damaging to your hair extensions since these ingredients can strip the extensions of their oils. It's recommended to stick with a line of hair care for hair extensions, which are specially formulated and tested to work with Remy hair extensions and natural hair.