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Temporary Solutions for Hair Loss for Men and Women

Noticing excessive hair fall in your brush or even the shower can be paralyzing and honestly, so often we try and just ignore problems hoping they will go away. Until they don’t…and that’s the crux of hair loss. When you start to notice visibly thinning hair or bald spots on your sides, part or top of your head, it’s time to do something about it. Firstly, you want to try and identify what the cause is and never, ever try and determine this on your own. Hair loss is a medical condition and it is treated as such, so you should plan on seeing a doctor to determine if the hair loss is temporary or permanent. Check out our blog on the signs and possibly reasons for hair loss to get started, but again, never self diagnose as there could be multiple underlying conditions. 

Option #1: Conceal Hair Loss

When loss of hair density is not evident and your hair is thinning but not gone completely in spot, concealing your hair loss is easy with a routine.

The right haircut

have an open and frank discussion with your hairdresser about your concerns. There are many haircuts that you can get that make your hair loss less evident, anything with layers and volume vs. sleek and straight styles. You’ll also want to buy and use volumizing styling products, shampoos and conditioners. It’ll be important to make sure you keep your hair and scalp clean, so a weekly cleansing shampoo is key as it’ll make sure you don’t have product buildup weighing your hair down.

Hair Fiber Concealers

Hair Fiber Before and After

Hair fibers products in aerosol or shaker form have been around for decades, BUT before you discount them, know that the technology has come a long way in that time. Products like our Perfect Locks Hair Building Fibers will help to conceal thin and patchy areas by using strands of electrostatically charged keratin (the same material your hair is made of) to cling unto your fine and thin hair. In the past these products were sometimes made using talc, which can build up on your hair and scalp, clogging your hair follicles and pores and making the hair loss condition worse. Not anymore!

@perfectlocks Need thicker, fuller hair in a flash? Try our Hair Building Fibers! They got you covered- LITERALLY! #thinninghair #hairlossremedy #hair ♬ original sound - Perfect Locks Hair Extensions

No matter what pattern of hair loss you may have Perfect Locks Hair Fibers can help disguise it and build back fullness, thickness and density. Best of all because they are feather light in weight, they won’t further strain or smother your fragile, thinning hair.

You simply shake the product unto clean, dry hair an average of 30 seconds unto the problem area, pat and brush lightly. Set with a little hairspray and you’re done! 

Option #2: Cover Hair Loss

When your hair loss has progressed from slight to significant or if you don’t have the time and interest in using Hair Fiber Concealers daily, it may be time for a Hair Topper unit (also called “wiglets”). 

Hair Toppers

If your hair loss progresses from temporary to permanent, or even if you are undergoing chemotherapy or another medical treatment/disorder impacting your hair, it may be time for a Hair Topper (or even a wig).

Before you go any further, we wanted you to know that Toppers or Wigs are considered “Cranial Hair Prosthesis” and your health insurance can reimburse you 80% to 100% if you’ve been diagnosed by a medical doctor. See our blog here on how you can file for Insurance Coverage for your topper or wig

Hair Toppers are like small form factor wigs and completely cover hair loss at the crown of the head. They are built with comfort and function in mind, coming in various sizes and with different bases and simply attach to your natural hair with our DuraLock clips for solid and discrete wear. 

They also have a realistic looking hairline, complete with baby hairs and once you’ve attached it, it is completely undetectable and only takes seconds to attach. They are available in 4 different types and styles, from our Side-Part Beauty Hair Topper to our Stunning Coverage Hair Topper. 

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Clip-In Closures

Unlike Hair Toppers, Clip-In Closures have a silk base with a lace design that is the best in comfort. They also have a more natural park design and you can part it in any direction. Moreover, the fine baby hairs along the hairline help to create the illusion that the unit is your own natural hair.

Closures can also be used to complete your look with sew-in hair weaves if you have more advanced hair loss. They are so called because they are used to “close-in” a sew-in weave or wig. It’s normally attached to a base of cornrow braided hair and secured around the edges, thus seamlessly blending in with hair extensions.

Temporary hair loss can be paralyzing, but again, make sure you determine the root cause of it while you work on hiding it. No matter what the prognosis is, our team is here to help you along the way so you can stay gorgeous! 

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