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Alexia's Battle with Curls

The Struggle:

Alexia had always admired the beautiful curls that adorned her mother's hair. As a child, she would stare in awe as her mother twisted her hair into intricate braids and buns. Alexia longed for the day when her hair would be long enough to wear in the same way. When her hair finally grew out, Alexia was ecstatic. However, she quickly learned that her hair was not as easy to manage as her mother's.

Alexia's curls were wild and untamed. They often frizzed and tangled, making it nearly impossible for her to style her hair in the way she wanted. She tried countless products, from gels to creams, to tame her curls, but nothing seemed to work. Her hair was either too dry or too greasy, and the curls would either fall flat or become uncontrollable.

As she got older, Alexia became increasingly frustrated with her hair. She would spend hours in front of the mirror, trying to get her curls to look just right, only to have them fall flat within minutes of leaving the house. It seemed like no matter what she did, her hair refused to cooperate.

One day, Alexia decided that she had had enough. She went to a salon that specialized in curly hair and asked for help. The stylist took one look at her hair and knew exactly what to do. She trimmed off the damaged ends and showed Alexia how to properly care for her curls. Since then, life has been so much better!

The products used: 

Perfect Locks Tape-Ins

  • 22 inch Chocolate Brown (3)⁠
  • 22 inch Toffee Blonde Highlights (4/27)⁠ - Pro Exclusive
  • 22 inch Chocolate Toffee Ombre (4/6/27)⁠

Alexia’s Curl Tip: 

Textured hair often has a naturally open cuticle down to the way in which the hair curls, which means that your hair is like an open window. Good moisture bleeds out on some days or at some times of the year and in others too much dampness and moisture floods in and causes a frizz out. Curls need moisture BALANCE and a lot of it to stay healthy, managed and supple so they can be more resistant to breakage and damage. The important thing as per above is to make sure that heavy product doesn’t build up on your hair and scalp, like layers and layers of icing…weighing down your hair and clogging your hair follicles. 

Perfect Locks gave me the confidence to still flaunt my curls while enjoying the length. I feel like a Victoria secret Angel with my perfect locks curly hair tape ins In. I am so glad I found a brand that matches my hair color and my curls so perfectly. No one ever can tell that I have extensions in!

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