Kirin's Inspirational Hair Loss Journey

It’s Women’s History Month and we are excited to celebrate women all month long! Our first #WCW is an incredible woman that was fortunate enough to survive a drunk driving accident, found the strength to accept her accident and used it to push herself to keep going.

Kirin was hit by a drunk driver. She doesn’t remember much, other than the hearing the driver rev his engine, and next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital after having two brain surgeries to remove pieces of her fractured skull. Her head had to be shaved for each of these surgeries, leaving with no hair and a rather large scar on her scalp.

hair extension wig transformation

Instead of being embarrassed by her scar, she accepted it as part of her life’s journey. As her hair is growing, she decided that she wanted to return to her old look. We, at Perfect Locks, wanted to help Kirin return to her former self with our wavy 24” lace front wig.

She looked absolutely stunning and we we’re so happy that we were able to get her looking and feeling like her old self again. Finding the perfect solution to hair loss is one of the many ways Perfect Locks empowers women. Comment some of your favorite ways to uplift the amazing women in your life!

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