Kirin's Inspirational Hair Loss Journey

Kirin's story of strength and perseverance is an inspiration to us all. After being involved in a drunk driving accident, having two brain surgeries to remove pieces of her fractured skull, and facing a large scar on her scalp, she found the courage to look forward and accept her journey. 

With the help of Perfect Locks, Kirin was able to get back to feeling like her old self – looking stunning with one of our Wavy 24” Lace Front Wigs! Everyone present was moved when she saw herself for the first time. It was remarkable how much confidence she exuded - clearly empowered by the knowledge that she had triumphed over adversity.

hair extension wig transformation

After the two brain surgeries, carrying a large scar on her scalp, and feeling lost in the world; Kirin found solace at Perfect Locks. Experiencing the kindness, care, and support of those around her there and being given the chance to feel beautiful again was life-changing.

Before leaving, Kirin said:

“No matter the challenges life throws at you, always find your way to fight through them with courage and grace”

This left all of us humbled and inspired. It is this sentiment that drives our mission to provide quality wigs to those who need it, in order to bring joy into their lives and brighten their day. #WCW #WomenEmpowerment #PerfectLocks

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