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How To Apply And Take Care Of Beaded Hair Extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions are wefts that are fastened to your natural hair using tiny silicone-lined beads. The beads are then clamped to the natural hair to secure the extension, as opposed to other methods that utilize glue, heat, or chemicals from adhesive that are known to cause hair damage. They are reusable if properly cared for, quite simple to install and maintain, and may stay with you for a very long time.

The most important thing is making sure that you get high quality extensions. There is nothing better than buying 100% authentic Indian human Remy beaded hair extensions that are premium quality, durable, and will last with you for a long time. Not only will it save you money in the long run, but it will definitely make you look more stunning and beautiful because of how natural the added length and volume looks for your hair.

In this article, we will be discussing how to apply and give tips for hair extensions care.

How To Apply Beaded Hair Extensions

Beaded weft consists of a long weft. On top of the track area, they have beads approximately half an inch away from one another. The benefit for this type of installation is that there’s no heat and no glue that could potentially damage the hair like other methods. This helps your natural hair stay healthy. Rather than doing this on your own, it is highly recommended that you have a professional install the extensions for you because we wouldn’t want you to damage your own hair. For this installation method, there’s two tools that you will need: the pulling loop wand and pliers.

1. Part the Hair

First, cleanly part the hair horizontally. You can do so by using combs and clips to hold the hair in place to give you a clean area to easily work on when installing the beaded weft.

2. Thread with Pulling Tool

After making a nice clean part, you're going to take the pulling loop wand and section the hair by making a ‘V’ from the natural hair and hold it. It is necessary to use the right amount of hair to be able to support the extension.

3. Gather a section of hair

Place the loop wand through the first bead of the track on the edge of the beaded weft. You’ll then take the natural hair and pull it through the loop wand.

4. Pull the bead through

Keep the bead close to the scalp, while still holding the strand of the natural hair. Then slowly pull the looping wand through the bead while slowly releasing the natural hair.

5. Clamp the bead 

Once the natural hair is through the bead, keep the weft close to the scalp. Make sure not to let go of the natural hair while you're pulling or doing adjustments. Then grab your pliers and clamp down the bead. Again, ensure that the weft and bead lay flat to the scalp.

If you feel any resistance when you’re trying to pull the hair through the bead, like if it’s not wanting to go through, that means it’s too much of the natural hair. You want to make sure not to use all that hair and remove some of it. The reason why is because the bead could get stuck when you try to remove the installation. 

6. Repeat along section

Repeat this process across the span of your horizontal section.

Taking Care of Beaded Hair Extensions

Once your beaded hair extensions are installed, caring and maintaining them is next. A lot of people are concerned, thinking that taking care of your extensions is hard, but in reality, it’s really not. One of the perks of beaded extensions is how easy you can maintain them. There’s not much difference to the routine with your natural hair, but there’s definitely a little adjustment that needs to be done once you have the extensions. These are some of the tips that will make your hair and extensions look healthy and last a long time.

Brushing Your Beaded Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair seems simple, but plays an important part for the health and longevity of your extensions. Having a hair extension loop brush is perfect for this because it uses loops that could easily glide through the hair. It doesn’t have bristles that could pull or snag your hair, which could damage your hair and extensions in the long run. 

You should brush your hair at least twice a day to remove any tangles forming. Hold the brush on one hand and use the other hand to hold your beaded extensions. Gently brush the hair from the mid-shaft down to the ends of it. Be cautious around the beads as you wouldn’t want to loosen or break any of them. Brush your hair gently until your hair falls naturally and you know that there aren’t any more tangles. 

You should always brush your hair before you shower because it will be easier to wash your hair without any tangles. It also avoids any stress or weight from the hair that flowing water could cause. After drying your hair, you should brush them as well to remove any tangles caused by massaging while washing or drying.

Importance Of High Quality Products For Your Hair

It’s not enough to just have good quality human hair extensions. Even if you do, not having the right products to use on your extensions to maintain it will lessen its lifespan. The usual products you buy for shampoo and conditioner aren’t really the best for your extensions, as some of those could dry out your hair and extensions. Some of those products are protein based or contain sulfate that can dry out the hair and extension’s natural oil and moisture, which could lead to more tangles and further damage. Even some styling products contain alcohol that could dry out the hair as well, so avoid those.

It is necessary to use premium quality products that are sulfate-free. Always select lightweight products that won't accumulate buildups. The products you use on your hair have a significant impact on how it looks and how long it lasts, thus it is strongly advised that you invest in high quality and sulfate-free products.

Washing Your Beaded Extensions

You should avoid washing your hair everyday as this potentially dries out your natural hair and could take away the natural oils from the extensions which could shorten its lifespan. It is recommended to only wash your hair two to three times a week if you want to prolong your hair extensions. 

Before even getting in the shower, make sure that your hair is tangle-free. When washing your hair, let your hair fall naturally on your back, tilt your head backwards a bit, and let the water run through your hair smoothly. You want to avoid any excess movements that stresses your hair so you have to be careful and be gentle as possible. Gently massage your hair with shampoo into your scalp, and try to avoid any of the beads. Be generous with your shampoo, and let the water help spread the shampoo easier to your hair. Never do any circular motions as this could loosen the beads, tangle your hair, and possibly stress your hair more. Use your hand a comb and stroke through your hair from mids to ends to spread the shampoo, but be gentle. This is why detangling your hair is important before showering.

When conditioning your hair, conditioner should only be applied from the mid-shaft to the ends of your hair. Because your conditioner could make your beads slip out or result in buildups that are difficult to wash, you should avoid putting conditioner on them. Allow it to rest with your hair for three to five minutes so it may absorb all the moisture it can before rinsing it out.

When rinsing,  you can carefully raise your hair to let the water gently rinse your beaded extensions. This will wash the beads thoroughly and avoid leftover residue from the shampoo that can cause irritation and itching if not washed properly. Spend a few extra minutes to make sure that your hair is rinsed out completely of any shampoo or conditioner.

How To Dry Your Hair After Washing

Just like everything we’ve talked about here, you also have to be cautious when drying your hair. You have to be extra careful when drying and feel how your hair and extensions are for you. The main techniques to drying your hair are patting it carefully and naturally air drying.

After you’re done washing your hair, get a towel and gently pat your hair dry while it's wet. Sandwich your hair in your towel and gently pat it to absorb water. Avoid any excessive or circular movements to avoid any tangles or loosen up the beads. 

When slightly dry, brush your hair again from mid-shaft to the ends to remove any tangles. Let your hair fall naturally and be gentle when brushing.

After brushing, let your hair air dry as naturally as possible. If ever you’re wanting to use a blow dryer, make sure not to use excessive heat. It is best to use a heat protectant spray before blow drying. Use the coolest setting and blow dry downwards to where your hair falls naturally to avoid tangles and not cause the beads to slip out. Then, continue gently brushing your hair until it isn't fully wet anymore.

Applying Oil To Your Extensions

The nutrients and natural oils that our scalp produces to keep our natural hair moisturized and hydrated are not provided to your extensions. You can restore moisture and maintain the quality of the extensions by using natural oils like argan, coconut, and macadamia oils as treatment. Keep them away from the roots and beads, and put them halfway between the middle shaft to the ends of the hair.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Care

Once you’ve followed all the tips we gave you on how to take care for your beaded weft hair extensions, you’ll definitely have healthy-looking and long lasting hair. Don’t forget to visit your salon every once in a while, preferably every two to three months. It’s natural that your hair will grow out, and getting a touchup for your extensions will come a long way. Your beaded extensions might need to be adjusted and moved up a bit for better fitting. This way, your hairstylist can inspect your hair and extensions of any stress or damage, and do the necessary actions to prolong the life of your extensions.

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