How to Vacation with Hair Extensions

And just like that, it’s the official start of summer! Sunny days at the beach, hiking and camping in the mountains or a cooling dip in the pool on a sweltering day all sound great, but they can ruin your extensions. But the real culprit of damage to your extensions comes from above: the sun.


Just as the sun causes skin to age, it also will affect hair. You may have even noticed that your natural hair lightens in the summer through exposure to the sun. Remember…human hair extensions are still hair. Hair without the benefit of the natural oils from your scalp to keep it healthy. Just as overexposure to UVA & UVB destroys real hair…it does the same thing to hair extensions.

1: Hair surface damage

Excessive exposure to UV rays robs hair of both protein loss and pigmentation changes. This stems from the amino acid tryptophan, a building block of hair that decomposes when exposed to UV rays.

woman holding damaged hair

2: Hair surface hydrophobicity

Healthy virgin hair is normally hydrophobic [not readily absorbing water] however, when hair is exposed to UVB radiation, it becomes hydrophilic…it soaks in water. The old strand in a glass of water test indicates this.

hair porosity test

3: Tensile strength

UVB radiation penetrates the cuticle and damages the cortex of the hair. This damage is measured by the hair’s tensile strength or susceptibility to breakage. If hair breaks or splits easily…it’s damaged.

The damage doesn’t end there…it can also photo age or temporarily wash out hair pigmentation in your beautiful extensions, turning natural brunettes reddish or blondes more ash. This effect also saps the vibrancy from even the best color service.

So what should you do about it? Find a fun and fashionable hat if you know you are going to hit the beach, or even better do some prep work before you hit the road!

beautiful woman feeling confident


Lengths and ends of hair can take a beating from extra exposure to sun, wind & surf and can become incredibly dry. Remember that your Perfect Locks extensions don’t have the benefit of your natural scalp oils to keep them hydrated, so a leave-in conditioner and hair oil duo is essential.

hair care for hair extensions


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