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Trendy Hairstyles for Your Zodiac Sign

Introduction to Zodiac Signs

Before we do a deep dive into our carefully curated style recommendations, let’s quickly recap the history of modern day zodiac beliefs that influence decisions and beliefs for millions of people each year.

For thousands of years, humans have tried to interpret signs in the seasons and stars. While the formal study of these phenomena and natural patterns are known as astronomy, a parallel set of beliefs and study known as astrology has become widely practiced and referenced in pop culture. One of the best known astrological systems is called the zodiac.

Tied to ancient roots, the word zodiac quite literally means “cycle or circle of animals.” There are a total of 12 “signs” in the zodiac. Each zodiac sign is represented by a unique symbol and associated with a specific constellation. Different cultures have also associated distinct animals or mythical creatures with each zodiac sign. However, most of us know the 12 zodiac signs because they each correlate to a time of year.

Over time, the zodiac signs, seasons and creatures have become associated with moods, habits, preferences and distinct personality traits. Many people consult the zodiac for insight about themselves and what the future might hold. Because zodiac signs are believed to reflect and predict such personal characteristics it makes sense that these internal qualities also be reflected outwardly through jewelry, fashion and hairstyles.

That’s right! There are specific ways to use a hairstyle for your zodiac sign, and we’ll cover all of the top recommendations in this article.

Finding Your Zodiac Signs

The first step to finding a hairstyle for your zodiac sign is to learn the sign that correlates with the month in which you were born. Below we’ve listed each zodiac sign and it’s related time of the year. As noted in each section below, zodiac signs are all also categorized according to the four primary elements: fire, water, earth and air. The unique aspects of these elements are said to describe the qualities of the three zodiac signs in each category. However, the signs are also believed to indicate much deeper and more intimate information about individuals. The personality qualities attributed to each zodiac sign might give you just the inspiration to find your next hairstyle.

To decide on a hairstyle for your zodiac sign, consult the sections below for more complete descriptions of each sign and our recommendation for how to wear your sign proudly.

Hairstyles for Zodiac Signs

Aries | Fire

(March 21 - April 20)

Known for being confident, bold and a little bit audacious, Aries is all about making a statement. Red is the official Aries color, which makes a dramatic change like bright new highlights, new coloring or a completely new hair cut the perfect choices for representing this sign.


Taurus | Earth

(April 21 - May 21)

“Tried and true” is the motto for Taurus. Often described as reliable, stable and devoted, your inner Taurus can easily be expressed with a no-frills, dependable classic style like side-swept bangs. Whatever style you choose, showing off your Taurus tendencies is all about elegant, proven simplicity.


Gemini | Air

(May 22 - June 21)

In most parts of the world, Gemini signals a transition from Spring to Summer as the months become warmer. Gemini reflects attributes like affection, adaptability and curiosity. Try reflecting these Gemini qualities with a subtle addition to your current style by using extensions or highlights for a little extra flair.


Cancer | Water

(June 22 - July 22)

While a Cancer might seem suspicious at first, don’t mistake quietness for weakness. Tap into the Cancer spirit of tenacity, intelligence and persistence with a hairstyle that’s reserved and confident like the classic bun. For a touch of intricacy, consider a braided or knotted bun to show off your skills.


Leo | Fire

(July 23 - August 22)

Leo’s are accepting, creative, good natured and a little bit fiery. Let your inner Leo live loudly with an open and intimate style like loose waves or curls. Showcase some Leo fire with a bold golden-yellow color.


Virgo | Earth

(August 23 - September 23)

Organized, firm and somewhat pragmatic, Virgo’s like things to be in their proper place. Invigorate your personal Virgo style with a beloved bob cut. Classic and neat, the bob can be fun and flirtatious but never out of control.


Libra | Air

(September 24 - October 23)

One of the most balanced of all zodiac personality profiles, Libra’s are distinctly charming, feminine, and harmonious. Unlock the potential of Libra with a unique style like the flirtatious and understated loose braid.


Scorpio | Water

(October 24 - November 22)

Scorpios are often perceived as resilient, determined and strong. Show off your Scorpio style with a simple, powerful ponytail. For a romantic twist on this style that’s more reflective of your loving side, consider sporting a side ponytail.


Sagittarius | Fire

(November 23 - December 22)

Fun, funny and freedom loving are the hallmark traits of a true Sagittarius. Make a serious Sagittarius statement with an adventurous style like the pixie. Both serious and individualistically carefree, the pixie is a perfect way to express your spontaneity.


Capricorn | Earth

(December 23 - January 20)

Naturally good managers, Capricorns tend to be self-restrained, practical and diligent. However, that does not have to mean boring or lackluster! Capture the essence of Capricorn with a subtle, sexy style like the low bun. After all, just because you’re the one keeping things together doesn’t mean you shy away from a good time.


Aquarius | Air

(January 21 - February 19)

Access the essential Aquarius qualities of independence, originality and temperance with a simple style like tapered layers. A step beyond the single-length cut, tapered layers add volume and variety without much fuss.


Pisces | Water

(February 20 - March 20)

The last of the zodiac signs, Pisces are excellent, easily trusting companions known for empathy, intuition, and artistic passion. Show the world a piece of your Pisces personality with a layered shag look. This carefree, sensual style shows off but doesn’t try too hard to impress.


Since each zodiac sign is also associated with an animal, it’s only fitting that your style should showcase some natural elements and maybe even be a little bit wild. With so much inspiration and meaning behind each zodiac sign, it might take time for you to find the perfect personal expression. Remember, these are just suggestions and there is no right or wrong way to make a statement by wearing a creative hair style for your zodiac sign!

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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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