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Lace Clip-In Hair Extensions

Take your clip-in experience to the next level with our Remy clip-in hair extensions, available in natural virgin and Remy tones. Our traditional clip-in sets use Remy hair with superior blending and styling power. They're hand-crafted, built to last, and made to match your style. Pure, true, you.

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Perfectly Hand-Crafted Clip in Extension Sets Designed for Any Occasion.

There is perhaps a very good reason that clip-in hair extensions have been around since Ancient Egypt: total hairstyle transformation with no hassle, no commitment! They are the ultimate accessory: allowing you to change your look for a special occasion or a night out with being stuck with one particular hairstyle. Best of all, you won’t be subjecting your natural hair to the chemical or thermal damage it would take to attain that look.

Affordable, long lasting and natural looking, our Perfect Locks Clip-In Hair Extensions come in a complete family of versatile options, all of which start with 100% Indian human Remy hair! Create instant color, dramatic length or voluminous density in as little as 5 minutes. Available in 5 categories of wearability, most with 6 natural colors, 3 textures and 3 lengths!

Our Clip Ins will Last

You'll be able to wear and heat style your clip-ins without having to worry. We have some customers who have been reinstalling the same clip-in sets over and over again from 3 to 5 years in some cases. This is possible through proper maintenance and upkeep.

Protect your investment

Invest in your hair, we recommend using only the highest quality sulfate-free hair care products for your weaves. Doing so regularly will keep them soft and tangle-free. Our Inspire line of hair care products has been proven to work and prolong the life of our hair.

Each set of clip-ins include

  • Premium quality, 100% authentic Indian human remy hair
  • Our unique DuraLock™ Premium Clips for lasting wear
  • InvisiTrak™ Signature Lace Design means you pop them in and they blend in seamlessly with your own hair! No visible clips, no unsightly lines of separation.


  1. Do you want to try extensions, but don’t want to commit? YES
  2. Do you want a that little bit of extra length/density or “hair flair” for an evening or special occasion? YES
  3. Don’t have time to visit a professional? YES
  4. Don’t have time for the upkeep of bonds, weaves or tape-in extensions? YES
  5. Are you going to wear them More than 5 days a week? NO! You would probably be better off with a semi-permanent or permanent option.
CUSTOMERS WEARING Lace Clip-In Hair Extensions

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