The Best Hairstyles for the Perfect Crown

Hair loss or dealing with challenging thinning hair be it progressive and permanent or merely temporary due to post COVID stress to the body, surgeries, pregnancy or hormone therapy. While crown hair toppers are amazing in that these wiglets are fast and easy to clip on and give you thickness and density at the scalp, you might struggle for style. Properly blended into your natural hair you can actually do quite a bit if your stylist works to custom cut and shape it into a hairstyle that is as fun as it is trendy!

The 90’s Bixie Haircut

Retro fashion hair is still a dominant trend going into next year and one of the most iconic styles of the era was the bixie. What is it? In between a bob and a pixie, essentially a shaggy bob with layers to add dimension, but it’s not as long as the modern shag or “wolf cut”. This style is fantastic for crown hair toppers because when properly cut to give the topper and your hair texture, all you need is some mousse to scrunch it or a working hairspray.

Classic “Boy Cut”

The 1960s ushered in a whole wave of bold women striking out in daring fashion and even more daring haircuts. But it was Twiggy, the face of the 60’s who popularized the “boy cut” a short clipped haircut that looked amazing with her angular facial features. This style works particularly well for crown hair toppers as you need little more than to keep it sculpted with hairspray and a good hair oil with a clean part to look great. Case in point: model Kaia Gerber who loves her short hair and rocked it on the Valentino runway.

Rowan Blanchard also sported a slightly longer version with a clean side part.

Even actress Scarlett Johansson has sported this short cut during the Red Carpet premiere of her movie “Rough Night”

The Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs when styled, shined and flat ironed can be simply stunning. This could be why it’s been the go-to hairstyle for the who’s who of Hollywood including Taraji P. Henson from Empire. With some hair oil and time flat ironing this is definitely a statement style.

You can also switch it up for a center part style, curling the ends slightly under the chin in a way that flatters the face, just like Karlie Kloss’ hair.

No matter what style you choose we offer 4 types of Crown Hair Toppers for you to discretely conceal your thinning hair at the crown area.


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