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Best Extensions For Thin Hair

celebrities with fine hair

You’ve seen celebrities flaunting their long, voluminous hair on the red carpet. While you may not have the glam team that celebrities do have, it’s great to know that you can still treat your hair with more length and volume.

It’s easy to feel frustrated if you want to add more volume, but don’t have naturally thick hair. You can curl, blow dry, or use volumizing products on your own hair all you want, but it will be hard to do this every day.  If you’re one of the many women with thin hair, but who long to achieve fuller locks, hair extensions is the way to go. Hair extensions are such an amazing way to get voluminous, long hair.

However, while there are many great extension methods to choose from, not all of them are suitable for your delicate, thin hair. In this blog, we will help guide you through everything you need to know about hair extensions for thin hair.

We’ll talk about: 

  • How to choose the right hair extension for you
  • Hair extension methods for thin hair
  • Tips to take care of your extensions
  • Frequently asked questions about hair extensions for thin hair

Choosing the perfect hair extension for your thin hair

First, you need to understand that changing up your look is a process. There are many things that you need to consider before you buy your first hair extension. To help you get started, here are some things you want to consider: 

Think lightweight

Since your thin or fine hair is already prone to breakage, you need to go for hair extensions that are lightweight. Extension types that are in mid or heavy weight can tug on your thin hair too much and cause more hair breakage in the long run. It’s also possible for wefts to show prominently when they are too heavy for your natural hair.

On the other hand, lightweight extensions are designed not to place any unnecessary pressure on your natural hair. They will not cause breakage, but they can still add life to your hair. You want to get the fuller look you want and still keep the health of your own hair.

Transform your hair with Perfect Locks’ hair extensions! We offer a variety of lightweight hair extensions for thin hair that help you achieve your desired hair volume while providing you comfort and care.

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Hair density

When looking for volume, keep in mind that hair extensions come in different densities or thickness. So from the start, you need to decide how voluminous you want your hair to be. Does the extension have the right thickness? Does it give you full coverage? Also check if the hair extension you’re going for is graded or not. Graded simply means that the extension has a different thickness from one end to another. Knowing this will help you choose extensions that will look natural on you.


Another thing you need to consider is what style of hair you want to achieve for more volume. If you see yourself using heat often to style your hair, go for extensions that are made from 100% Remy human hair. Remy hair is often called the gold standard of hair extensions because of their great quality. Compared with synthetic hair, they can withstand heat styling, remain soft, and last longer.


You should also consider how long you want your hair extensions to be. Do you want your hair extensions to be longer than your natural hair or of the same length?

Natural finish

The whole point of getting hair extensions is to achieve that natural finish. When people look at you, you don’t want them to think that you’re wearing extensions, but you want them to wonder how well you maintain your natural hair. 

To get that natural finish you want, choose great quality hair extensions at the onset. You want to start with something that is already high quality so you’ll have more room to maintain them through all the washing and styling. Check also if the extensions blend well with your hair color, texture, and length. Do the extensions have different shades? Is it pre-layered? Is it longer or shorter than your natural hair?

Ask a pro

One of the best ways you can know which extensions to choose is to consult your professional hairstylist for a personalized evaluation. Your stylist can check the state of your natural thin fine hair better, and suggest what are the best extension methods for your hair.

Best hair extension methods for thin or fine hair

Now that you know the things you need to consider to choose the right extensions for you, here are some extension methods that are designed for thin hair:

Tape In Extensions

Tape extensions are a newer type of technology where the hair is mounted on wefts with a special type of adhesive pre-applied to the underside.  After parting your hair in a wide section, simply peel back the tape and apply to the underside of your hair, holding in place for about 30 seconds.  On the top of the same section of hair, apply a second tape extension to sandwich your natural hair between the two pieces.  

For optional security, you can gently press the tape extensions between the plates of a ceramic flat iron to help the adhesive stick a bit better. Because tape-in hair extensions are installed on flexible wefts, they are able to move more freely and allow for more versatility. You can even pull your hair back in a ponytail, go figure! Tape-ins are one of the most popular extensions today. They are very versatile; you can put in as many tape-ins as you want or put in only a few depending on your desired volume and length.

Get instantly volumized hair with Perfect Locks’ tape in hair extensions made from 100% Remy, human hair!

Hand-Tied Wefts

Hand tied extensions is a type of extension where a professional stylist attaches a curtain or wefts of hair extensions to your own hair. The stylist sews them by hand close to your scalp so they hold well while they’re out of sight. Because of this, you can achieve many styling options with hand-tied wefts. Hand tied wefts are great for fine hair because they have a thin and flat design. They are also lighter than machine tied wefts so they have minimal pressure on your hair.

Crown Hair Extensions

Another extension type that is suitable for thin-haired ladies are crown hair extensions. These halo hair extensions are ultra lightweight but you can still add length and volume seamlessly. They come in a halo-like form with invisible wire and a few clips for application. They are very easy to use and you can even apply them on your own. 

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If your aim is to use hair extensions only for an event you are attending, clip-in hair extensions or clip-in ponytails can certainly do that for you. They are fast and easy to apply on your own. If you do apply clip-in hair extensions on your own for an event, a tip is to section your thin hair and start placing the extensions on the lower part of your head so you’ll have enough hair on top to conceal the clip-ins.

However, take note that clip-in extensions may not be the best for thin hair if your aim is to wear them daily. The clips may tug at your hair roots excessively and the extensions may slide because of its weight.

Tips to take care of your hair extensions for fine hair

Whether you’re looking to wear extensions everyday or for special occasions, you want to preserve their quality so you can keep and enjoy them for longer. Here are some best practices that you can do to take care of your hair extensions for fine hair:

Wash and condition

Apart from synthetic ones, hair extensions are made of human hair, so you want to take care of them just like you take care of your real hair. When you get your extensions for the first time, it’s best to wash and condition them before you wear them. You can rinse the wefts together on the sink using cold water and gently apply sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

After that, how often you wash your hair extensions will depend on how often you wear them and how much product you place on your hair. If you only use them a few times a month, you can perhaps wash them for only once or twice a month for maintenance. Since you don’t need to wash your extensions daily, using a deep conditioner is good to keep the hair looking shiny.

Use an oil treatment

This step is optional; but an oil treatment is always helpful to keep your hair extensions smooth and shiny. When it’s time to wash your extensions, you can rub a few drops of oil and let it sit on your extensions for a few minutes or even overnight.

After washing them, you can also place a leave-on serum on your extensions as you wear them. It’s always a good idea to add in more moisture for the hair.

Dry your extensions completely

As much as possible, you don’t want to blowdry your hair extensions. Instead, air dry them completely with your own hair. If you’re not wearing them, you can place them on top of a towel to absorb their moisture faster.

Use heat protectant

It’s not advisable to use heat too often on your naturally fine hair, and the same goes for your hair extensions if you want them to last longer. But, if you ever need to do heat styling, using a heat protectant will go a long way. Use your heating tools on the lowest setting too to preserve longevity. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

What extensions methods are not suitable for thin hair type?

Machine Wefts

Machine wefts are made from strands of hair that are attached together using an industrial machine. They are popular among many African American and Latino women because their hair can be coarser and strong enough to thrive while being braided and having extensions sewn on. However, for most Caucasian and Asian women whose hair may be on the thinner side, this method is not recommended. This hair weave process can actually do more harm than good because typically your hair is a bit thinner and not as strong as others.

If you prefer extensions that are sewn-in by your professional, hand-tied wefts would be a better choice for fine haired ladies because these are made by manually tying hair in place by hand. While machine wefts have thicker strands in place, hand-tied wefts can provide thinner, more natural-looking strands.

Fusion Hair Extension

Another hair extension that does not go well with women who have thin fine hair are fusion hair extensions. Fusion hair extensions, also called I-tipped extensions or keratin bonded hair extensions, are normally installed using a strand by strand method either through a heat bonding process or using micro beads. They can easily be reused or reinstalled using fusion glue sticks. These extensions are great for normal to thick hair because of their versatility and volumizing action, but applying heat may not be best for your delicate, thin hair.

It is highly recommended to have keratin bonded extensions installed by an experienced professional for the best results. The removal process is also a bit complicated for non-pros. Because these extensions are added strand by strand, they are very versatile and your hair can be styled in almost any way you imagine.

How long do tape-in hair extensions for thin hair last?

Depending on the density of your hair, you can expect your hair extensions to last anywhere around 6 weeks before needing a touch up as your natural hair grows out. The good news is tape hair can easily be reused and reinstalled. You'll just need some accessories like replacement tape for tape hair. When it is time for removal, again be sure to visit a professional who will dissolve the bonds rather than trying to yank them out yourself at home.

Do hair extensions damage fine hair?

Using hair extensions that are designed for fine hair does not damage your hair. Knowing how to take care of your own hair with extensions can also help a lot in preserving the integrity of your hair. To start, go for the most lightweight extensions available to you because these will give your hair the least amount of tension. Also, invest in a good hair extension applied by a hair salon professional to make sure that your extensions are done correctly.

How much do hair extensions for thin hair cost?

The cost will depend on different hair extension methods. Usually, hair extensions can cost from under 100 to a few hundred dollars depending on the type and the number of extensions you want to use. You’ll also need to budget a few extra hundred dollars for professionally-applied extensions.

When to use hair extensions?

You can use hair extensions for thin hair whenever you want as long as you take care of your hair and use the right extension type to avoid damage. 

If you’re opting for an everyday look, going for a fine thickness will be less heavy and give you a natural-looking style. And, if you’re looking to use extensions only for special occasions, you can go for thicker weight to achieve a fuller look. These extensions may be heavier but that’s okay because they are not meant to be worn everyday.

See Perfect Locks’ hair extensions in action! Here are before and after photos of our customers with thin hair.


Prioritizing the health of your natural hair and seeking guidance from a professional stylists can help you decide which extensions are best for your needs. In the end, the best hair extensions for thin or fine hair are the ones that bring out your natural beauty and those that don’t interfere with your lifestyle.

Before and After Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Love what you see?

Hair Extensions

Love what you see?

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