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Step by Step Instructions on How to Color Your Hair at Home

In follow up to our post last month, Coloring Your Perfect Locks Hair at Home, we're back to give you more specific instructions on how to color your hair at home on your own!

As a refresher here are the supplies you will need for dying  your hair:

Here’s a brief list:

  • Plastic gloves – this usually comes in the kit
  • Old button-down shirt or old tee-shirt
  • Vaseline
  • Damp rag for any potential messes
  • Hair clip
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Old towel
  • Big safety pin

If you check out the instructions on the color box, you'll probably notice that it says to test the color out on a few strands of hair first. You can go ahead and do this if this is the first time you are coloring your hair, but if you think you are familiar enough with coloring your hair you can go ahead and skip this step. Of course it's important to make sure this is the color that you like, so testing it on a strand of hair is better than coloring all of your hair strands the wrong shade!

Do not wash your hair the day that you decide to color your hair. You won't have enough oil in your hair to absorb the color. Hair professionals recommend waiting at least 24-48 hours before coloring your hair.

After you've made sure this is the color you want to dye your hair with, it's time to put vaseline all around your hairline to protect it from the hair dye.

Now it's time to mix those colors up! Follow the directions on the box and use a comb to separate your hair into 4 sections. Start on one of the sections and pull out a smaller section from the larger section. Color the small section and make sure it's put into your hair thoroughly. As you start applying the color, begin with your roots and work your way to the ends of your hair. As soon as you reach the end, pin the colored section of hair on the top of your head.

Next look at the box again and read how much time you need to wait. If you have a lot of grey or white hair you need to wait the entire length of time. If you don't have white or grey hair you may not have to wait the entire length of time. You will be able to tell if the color is being processed.

After rinsing out the color, apply the conditioner that comes with your color kit. But keep the conditioner in your hair up to 48 hours before you wash it out. This way the dye will fully penetrate your locks or hair extensions and the result is that you'll have the color you desire! Your hair should look beautiful with the new color that you desire! If you want to touch up your hair wait an adequate 4-8 weeks.

Want simple highlights?

Go out and find a second box of hair color that comes in a shade or two lighter. You can now create highlights around your face or on top of your hair. Using the paint brush, paint the sections of your hair where you want the highlights. Paint it either thick or thin depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

So what you think? Easy, right? We hope you have fun coloring your hair at home and if you aren't sure how it's going to turn out (it should turn out great!) stick with semi-permanent dye. That way if you make a mistake it won't be as difficult to get out. But never fear, that hair salon is always near. ;)

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