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(Almost) Natural Hair That Makes a Statement

Many famous women of color opt to relax their hair or straighten it, and that completely makes sense. Some hair textures can be difficult to manage, or the texture may just seem like it doesn’t fit with the sleek, glamorous styles of the day. Despite the many different styles, or signature styles that each of the following women wears, here are three styles we’d love to see on them more often, because they showcase natural hair that is worn beautifully and proudly. Most women can achieve this type of show-stopping volume with a few extensions such as Kinky Curly Steam Permed Indian Hair – wear it big and proud.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Though she opted for smoother, more relaxed styles as she got older, Whitney Houston rocked her own style of long afro with this beautiful mane from the 1990s. A bit of light color gives it dimension, but the curls look like they’re all hers, albeit the potential of a few extensions to give her hair that massive volume. Afros are back in, and women should wear them with pride and excitement. Not many women can achieve a style this stunningly fabulous.

Michelle Obama


This photo of Michelle Obama circulated the internet a while back. It is, indeed, photoshopped, but it also makes us wonder what an amazing statement it would be if the First Lady went all natural with her ‘do. This short style has beautiful volume and body that could easily be enhanced with extensions to get the same effect. Big earrings, lovely makeup, and healthy, shiny hair all add to the beauty of this look.

Whoopi Goldberg


We love Whoopi’s signature dread locks or tight braids. Combined with her glasses, hers is a signature look we wouldn’t want to change. However, her hair in Sister Act II is something to behold when she removes her habit and lets it flow long and natural. Paired with hoop earrings, her beautiful, natural hair makes another statement that we love almost as much as her standard look. This style requires a good amount of volume to pull it off, which extensions of the same texture can help with. Try a few of these natural looks and wear them with pride.

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