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Achieve Effortless and Flexible Hair That Looks Gorgeous 24/7

Every girl wants her hair to look beautiful and flowing, like Pocahontas as she stands on the cliff waving goodbye to John Smith, are we correct? It's easy to admire from afar, or from your sofa, how Disney princesses have hair that's not achievable and not to mention has tresses that are so gorgeous it's unfair. After all, we all want our hair to look like Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, and other princesses. Their hair seems to blow effortlessly through the wind - are we right?

It may seem like a nice concept to achieve locks like this, but it takes a little bit of effort on your part. Are you ready to be let in on the secret on how to achieve a flexible mane?

A nice haircut is the first foundation to owning and loving your flexible hair. In order to not have just an every day haircut you need a great stylist who knows what they are doing. He or she will be great at removing weight lines that cause your tresses to not look its best. Remove the weight lines and your hair will become flexible and vibrant - quite literally.

If there is no way to know whether your hair stylist is completing this task correctly, observe as to whether they use thinning sheers to complete this process. If they do then this is INCORRECT! Thinning your hair out (or hair extensions for that matter) will result in your hair becoming frizzy, wispy, and even damaged. Make sure your stylist is styling your hair well and that you come out of the salon satisfied. Your hair may not always look perfect but you should be able to tell a great stylist from one who doesn't give your hair all of his or her effort.

Once you have an awesome stylist the rest is up to you. To style your flexible and gorgeous tresses, split your hair into two sections. You'll want to separate the top from the bottom. Next either use a clipless curling iron or a curling iron and take one to two inches of your hair in width with vertical sections. Place the curling iron barrel in the middle and wrap your hair around the curling iron. Hold your hair no longer than 10 seconds in the iron and release. For extra hold spray a light hairspray or allow it to sit first. Continue to curl your hair throughout the rest of your tresses and repeat this method for the rest of your hair until you have beautiful and wavy hair that's looking just like Pocahontas or a goddess!

Of course when you're curling your hair it's important to protect it with a thermal spray or by using a leave-in conditioner after you get out of the shower. Make sure your hair is dry when you curl it and don't damage it with too much heat - flexible hair only stays flexible when you continue to take care of it! Enjoy your new Pocahontas hair do' and look forward to showing off your new mane - it's flexible and shiny and it's all YOU!

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