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Having the “Curl Care Talk” with Curly Clients

It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. You’re checking your voicemail or email or get slipped a note by the front desk: “Call NAME, curly extensions are (pick one: matted, tangled, falling out, dry, splitting, look awful).”

We can’t always see problem customers before they become one and oftentimes it can be a client you’ve known for years that has a comfortable relationship with you in a way that actually causes some issues down the road.

So what happened with your client's hair?

When extensions fail it’s almost ALWAYS not your fault, and in fact it's rarely our fault, because the biggest culprit is not something you can control: your client. When you finish that install, style it up, twist it out or blowout it to bouncy curl heaven, the client heads out the door and then you HOPE that they do their best to take care of it. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t and even long time extensions users can forget what to do and not to do in the days, weeks and months to come.

It starts with expectations. It starts with your consultation.

Forewarned is Forearmed: The Consultation

Cury Tape In Hair Extensions

A study shared by on what clients expect from their salon visit had stylists hotly debating what salon goers reported:

“While 97% of stylists say they do a consultation each time a client comes in, over 90% of clients say they have never had a consultation with their hairdresser.”

Fundamentally where the disconnect may be is where clients “feel” like they are getting a consultation, which often comes down to having a dialogue with their clients about their expectations, what you recommend as far as extension placement, color or cut…or even what their hair may need depending on the season or condition of the hair.

The Consultation isn’t just about hurling leading questions at your client, as truly great consultations are a little bit of:

  • Determining their lifestyle
  • How they like to wear their hair (really, because we all have a picture we bring in, but revert back to the way we usually wear our hair)
  • Anticipating challenges
  • Setting expectations
  • Getting them to trust and look at you as an authority

Let’s face it: curly hair takes work at home, on any day and every day. If you’re a stylist who is also a “Curl Whisperer”, you have enough training and knowledge to know how to cut it, tame it, treat it and enhance it. Your clients often don’t and when you pair the daily hair struggle they go through at home with hair extensions you have a ready made hair fail in the making.

So what to do?

  • Even if your client has been visiting you for a long time, you want to take the time to school them on how to best care for their hair extensions and ensure they last.
  • Make sure they understand the care regimen needed every day and night to keep them tangle free, healthy and shiny.
  • For a helpful cheat sheet, feel free to save and share our Curl Care Guide that we created over at

A Word About the Importance of Product Recommendations

It dramatically impacts your retention rate with new customers!

Hair Care Recommendations

Did you know that Mintel, a global company that frequently does demographic studies into our industry last year released a report on the importance of retail recommendations?

  • If a new client purchases two or more retail products from you there is a 60% chance they will return.
  • If a client purchases no retail products from you, there is only a 10% chance they will return.

The studies showed that during the consultation and recommendation process, clients felt a stronger connection and relationship building with stylists who took the time to actually “see” them and educate them on caring for their hair. Always take the time to recommend the products client’s need to maintain the health of their hair AND their style, but also give the client the freedom to maintain the artistic look you’ve spent time with them that day creating.

DIY Social Tool: Share This Reel Today!

If knowledge is power, forearm your clients to have their very best curly hair extensions experience by leveraging your social platforms. Our Perfect Locks Pro Ambassador @stephanieslayshair on TikTok shares her day and night care routine with our Perfect Locks Tape-In Hair Extensions:

@stephanieslayshair How I take care of my @perfectlocks curly tape in extensions. #hairtrends2023 #hairstylist #curlyhairextensions #hairextension #hairextensioneducation #curlyhair #curlyhairspecialist #tapeinextensions #haireducation #hairvideo #grwm #transformation #hair #beforeandafter ♬ Fever - Dua Lipa & Angèle

Day Routine:

  1. Start with Perfect Locks Curl Care Defining Shampoo and Conditioner.
  2. After the hair is detangled with a wide toothed comb (or Perfect Locks Loop Brush), use the Perfect Locks Curl Care Nourishing Spray and saturate from mid to ends.
  3. Next layer the Perfect Locks Curl Care Styling Creme applying in a “praying hands motion”, grabbing sections of hair flatly with your hands and moving downward.
  4. Then define the curls around the face using a finger coiling motion.
  5. Finish by scrunching with a cotton blend material.
  6. Air dry for at least 8 hours.

Night Routine

  1. Take a satin scrunchie and make a loose high pony.
  2. Head to bed with your Perfect Locks Satin Pillowcase to keep any fabric from grabbing and pulling on your hair, roughing up the cuticle and causing tangles.
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Having the “Curl Care Talk” with Curly Clients

Having the “Curl Care Talk” with Curly Clients

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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Priyanka Swamy

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