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The Essential Guide to Summer Haircare for Curly Hair

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Suns out, curls out girls! As summer wears on however, challenges pop up from frizz to sun damage, so we’ve rounded up some essential summer haircare tips to keep your curls looking their best!

Summer HairCare for Curly Hair

Manage Humidity and Moisture

This time of year is a great time for texture because with the dew points where they are, your curls will appear nicely defined and with loads of bounce. Why? Because they’ve absorbed the natural moisture in the hair! But as the humidity rises through July and August, those curls drink in too much water. The result? Blow out frizz and lack of volume (as your hair is so saturated). 

So what to do? Care for those curls in a smart way! Humid out? You need to stop using heavy conditioner and lean into gels and lightweight leave-ins that will also offer you resistance to humidity. 

Once you’ve moisturized and hydrated your hair you need to keep that essential moisture in and excess moisture out. Gels help to minimize frizz by creating a shield that helps your curls from bleeding out too much moisture. 

We recommend this curl care formula:

  • After your shower, apply a curl care styling cream to damp, towel dried hair. 
  • Next, spray a generous amount of a curl care nourishing spray over the just applied styling cream
  • Lastly, you can either diffuse it into your hair with a dryer or simply let it dry naturally.
  • If you’re on the go, pack the nourishing spray gel as you can spray it and refresh your curls during the day.



Twist Those Curls for Better Definition

Minimizing frizz can feel like a full time job, but certain types of styles can really help! Twists, twirly ringlets, or buns can accentuate your curls while also keeping the frizz down to a minimum. 

  •  If you want to create ringlets, simply apply our nourishing spray gel to clean, conditioned hair and then twist your hair around your fingers and then release. 
  • To build volume, dry completely and rub a little paste or pomade on your hands and work it into the roots. Scrunch to create height right at the base. 

The Sun is NOT a Friend to Your Curls

Whether you are at the beach or just hanging out in the backyard with friends or family, the biggest threat to your natural hair and extensions is the sun itself. UVA/UVB rays damage hair down to the cellular level, causing free radical damage, damage, split ends and even premature aging. 

sun hair hair damage

So what to do? 

  • Protect your summer hair when you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time with a nice sun hat. 
  • Applying a leave-in conditioner or a hair mask for culy hair can give you an environmental shield. If you want to treat your hair while in the sun, apply a deep conditioner to your curls and then braid or twist your hair up into a bun.  

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Summer is Co-Wash Season!

If you don’t know what a co-wash is, it’s simply a conditioner wash! Because the summer months bring heat and sweat to your hair and scalp, you may need to wash it more often than in other seasons. 

  • Simply rinse your hair and scalp thoroughly and just apply a conditioner (not a shampoo) to help get rid of sweat. 
  • Remember to still take the time to use shampoo however a few times a week to take care of product buildup from styling products and leave-in conditioners.
co wash hair extensions

Bonus tip: speaking of washing, cold water can help shock your hair and scalp, closing the cuticle fast. It helps to keep the frizz down!

Braid Your Wash to Tangle-Free

Days at the beach or by the pool between wind and sun will often lead to tangles, especially if you’re going to be taking a dip in the pool (with extensions make sure to wear a swim cap and never swim with your clip-ins in). 

    • Braid your hair into two simple braids or even a french braid to keep them tangle-free.
    • If you’re heading out afterward, bring your loop brush with you to comb your hair out after you undo the braid. Start from the bottom to detangle and prevent breakage and then work your way up.



Avoid Swimming If You Can

Pool water is loaded with curl drying and damaging chlorine that will dry your curls out and lead to protein loss in your texture. Ocean water can also be a problem as heavy salts and minerals can also dry your hair out and cause mineral buildup, weighing down your curls. 

Always remove your clip-ins or crown halos before swimming.

If you’re wearing more permanent installs like beads, tape-ins or sew-ins, make sure to pull your curls up into a swimming cap to protect them. 

Summer is an amazing time for farm stand fresh fruits and veggies. Loaded with scalp and healthy hair growth promoting vitamins, minerals and amino acids, shop local to feed your curls! 

  • Fresh berries, oranges, cucumbers, watermelons, pineapple, zucchini, broccoli and other greens are great steamed or raw to preserve the maximum retention of all the good stuff.
  • Being dehydrated from not drinking enough water is also a real problem in the summer months between the sweltering heat and humidity. Water makes up 25% of your hair’s structure, so make sure you’re drinking enough cold fresh water throughout the day.

healthy food for great hair

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