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Summer Travel: 5 Tips for Hair Extension Lovers


The carefree days of summer are here! If you plan on hopping on a plane or hitting the road looking your best with hair extensions, there are some important things to pack and things to keep in mind. Why? Because when we are away living our best life, chances are we give routine a break and forget that extensions don’t just make you look amazing but also need some damage prevention and care while on the go.


But fear not, we’ll keep things simple and remind you of 5 things to keep in mind on your summer break!

Tip #1: Don’t forget to pack your “hair insurance tools”: haircare made for extensions!

Sure hotels, motels and even AirBnB’s these days usually stock essentials like body wash, shampoos and conditioners. But just because they are freebies, doesn’t mean that they aren’t loaded with ingredients that can take a toll on your extensions. 

We make and sell TSA-approved hair care ravel sets for straight to wavy and curly hair extensions . Each bottle is 2 ounces and will last you 3 to 5 washes depending on the amount of hair you have.

We also recommend using a hair oil such as Argan Oil or a leave-in conditioner if you know you’re going to be out in the sun for an extended period of time. UVA and UVB wavelengths can sunbleach and fade the pigmentation in your extensions as well as drying them out. Hair oils or leave-ins help to protect your extensions by forming a hydrating layer over the hair of your extensions that helps protect it from the elements.

Tip #2: Vacation doesn’t mean a break from brushing…pack it!

Between sun, sand, wind and the elements, your nightly brushing routine unfortunately can’t wait until you get back home. Matting and tangling from beach towel laying, from the headrests of cars or even airplane seats can be managed by making sure you brush your hair every night. Also remember that just like at home, not any brush will do! Loop brushes specifically designed for extensions will separate your strands and help redistribute oils without tugging on your bonds or wefts.

Tip #3: Beware of the pool, oceans and yes, even lakes.

While you CAN swim with extensions, it’s not recommended because pool chemicals, salt and even minerals and particles in ocean and lake water can cause some issues. Anything other than fresh water can dry out your extensions, leave them matted, riddled with knots or even discolor them.

  • If you really love swimming however, you can still enjoy the water by taking a few key steps. 
  • Wet your hair with clean, fresh water.
  • Next, coat your hair and hair extensions in a leave-in conditioner and tuck all of your hair up underneath a swim cap.

Tip #4: Pack your silk bonnet or pillowcase.

If you are vacationing with seamless clip-ins that can be taken out at the end of the day, they should be gently packed away in their silk pouch for overnight storage. However for more permanent extensions like beads, wefts or tape-ins, the pillowcases are often harsh cotton that can rough up the cuticles and lead to matting and tangling. 

Make sure to pack a silk bonnet or satin pillowcase, as the fine weave of silk allows the hair to glide gently over the pillowcase or cradled by the bonnet. The result? No tangles, or breakage!

Tip #5: If you are flying and have clip-ins, we don’t recommend wearing them.

Flying with hair extensions requires some extra steps to make sure they don’t become damaged and even comply with TSA requirements. Here’s why:

  • Lace Clip-ins have metal clips in them that will likely be detected by the metal detector, so the TSA may ask you to remove them and go back through. To save yourself some time (and perhaps being self conscious), it’s best to have your hair extensions packed away in your luggage during the flight. If you have bonds, wefts or tape-ins however they are metal free so no planning is required.
  • If you will be wearing your extensions on the flight, consider braiding your hair or using your silk pillowcase on the airline provided pillow to keep your hair from tangling while you sleep on the flight. The leatherette headrest can be harsh on your extensions by roughing them up just like cotton pillowcases can.

Some people are curious about how long hair extensions may last and are even worried. This summer, we hope these simple tips help you as you plan to travel to your favorite places.

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Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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