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How to Install & Style a Clip-In Ponytail

Whether you’re feeling a fabulous ponytail or you’re dealing with 3 or 4 day hair and need a quick fix, our clip-in ponytail is the perfect solution. All of our clip-in hair extensions are made with 100% human Remy hair, this hair can be styled to perfection to achieve any look you are going for. Designed with our gentle comb clips and our wraparound velcro strap for a seamless blend.

holding a clip-in-ponytail

  1. Create a ponytail using your natural hair, secure it using a hair band.
  2. Attach combs of the hair extension ponytail to the top of the ponytail you created.
  3. Hold the velcro strap and pull it under the ponytail.
  4. Secure the velcro and continue wrapping the long strap around the ponytail to cover the band.
  5. Secure with bobby pins for a completed look.
  6. Enjoy rocking your new, full, and gorgeous pony!

how to install a clip-in ponytail

Keep It Classic

The easiest and simplest way to rock our clip-in ponytail is to clip and go! Available in three different textures and lengths, you can instantly achieve any look from casual and elegant. Our ponytails are incredibly natural looking. Hide the velcro as well as class up your pony with our wraparound band.

ponytail hair extensions

Braid It Up Babe

Looking for a more structured yet totally fierce style? Try braids! Keep it simple with a regular three-part braid, achieve a boho look with a fishtail braid, or wow everyone with a dual-texture braid. Kick your style up a notch with some accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with hair ties/scarves, shining thread, or hair rings. Say “bye-bye” to boring braids!

braided fishtail

Sun’s Out Buns Out

Having a bad hair day? Nothing a bun can’t fix! Our ponytails can easily be styled into a bun simply by wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail. For a sleek look, wrap the hair around the base to create a topknot. For a little extra flare, braid your ponytail and wrap for some added volume and dimension. To create a slightly messier look, tug on the braid to loosen it up.

braided updo

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