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Get Spooky with These Last Minute Halloween Hairstyle Ideas

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October, a.k.a. Spooktober is the spookiest time of the year! You get pumpkin spice lattes, candy, and scary movies. The best part about October though... is HALLOWEEN! Halloween gives you the chance to dress up and be somebody else for the night. I don’t know about you, but I start planning costumes a year in advance, and 99% of the time I never stick with them. Like most people, they start looking for costumes in the month of October. For the last-minute people (now including myself), Perfect Locks wanted to give you some fun Halloween hairspiration. Whether you want to look spooky or be sexy (insert idea here) we have you covered!

marilyn monroe costume

Marilyn Monroe

We all love and adore Marilyn Monroe. She is an icon and the most fun to dress up as. To achieve the Marilyn Monroe look you want to get a curling iron, hairspray, and some bobby pins. Section your hair off to a deep side part using a rattail comb. Once parted, grab your curling iron and start curling your hair into big curls. After each curl, use double prong clips to set the curl. Once the whole head has been curled and clipped, hairspray the hair to set the hair. Take out each prong slowly out of the curls, and gently pull the curls out to give it more of a volumized look. To finish the look, wear a white halter dress or a strapless pink dress with some pink gloves. To really channel Marilyn Monroe, drip yourself in some diamonds, because as you know, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!” Our model, Viri, is wearing our Valley Girl wig.

2000 halloween costume

Early 2000’s

 Who remembers the days when crimpers, butterfly clips, and chunky highlights were in? Well, we’re bringing it back! For this Halloween look, you’ll need, differently toned clip-in extensions, butterfly clips, and (you guessed it) a crimper. To really get into the 2000’s feel, you’ll need different colored extensions for that chunky highlight. If you have blonde hair, a red or dark brown clip-in set would work perfectly. If you have brown or black hair, a blonde clip-in set would work as well. Place the clip-ins throughout your hair, we've created a special tutorial on how to install clip-in extensions. Once placed, start crimping small sections of your hair. Now if you don’t have a crimper, you can always braid thin braids, and straighten over them. Once finished straightening the braids, unbraid the hair, and you should have that crimped effect. You don’t have to use butterfly clips, however, it’ll really elevate the 2000’s look. To finish off the look, wear a velour tracksuit or some low rise jeans and a Von Dutch shirt. You’ll look “Da Bomb!”

kim kardashian weft

Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West is probably the easiest Halloween look to achieve, “Bible.” Kim Kardashian is known for her long black hair. Whether that be her wet hair look, as shown, or her sleek middle part. To achieve her long hair, you’ll need some extra long extensions. To get that sleek middle part like Kim, you’ll need a straightener and a silk serum. First, place the clip-ins all around your head. Once done, straighten your hair as flat as you can. To finish off, add some silk serum to give the hair some shine and to tame some flyaways. We've put together a little post that show you exactly how to get Kim Kardashian's wet hair look! To complete the whole look wear some biker shorts, a black tank top, a big jacket, and some sneakers or strappy heels.

harley quinn

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is one of DC Comics’ beloved characters. To achieve this look you’ll need red and blue colored hairspray and some clip-in extensions. Platinum blonde clip-in extensions work best, but you can always hair spray over any color. Grab one section of clip-ins and hairspray the tips red. Grab another section of hair and hairspray the tips blue. Make sure to leave out 2 pieces of our two spaced clip-ins. With those 2 pieces hairspray, them fully with red and blue.  Split your hair down the middle and put your hair into 2 sections. Grabbing the red hair extensions blend that into one of the split extensions. Once that clip-in is secured, use a clear hair tie to tie the hair. Once everything is secured, grab that fully red hairspray clip-in and wrap it around the hair tie. Use some bobby pins to fasten the hair. Make sure to do the same thing on the other side with the blue extensions. To complete the look wear a distressed graphic shirt, fishnets, and some sparkly shorts. And there you have it, “Puddin!” 



Calling all my vampiresses! Vampiresses are known to be seductive, mysterious, and bloodthirsty. What’s more mysterious and seductive than some long hair? To achieve this look you’ll need either a long wig or clip-in extensions, a straightener, and some silk serum. When placing the wig and/or clip-in extensions in, make sure to brush the hair thoroughly. Once done apply some heat protectant before straightening. Straighten your hair to be as flat as you can. When finished, apply some silk serum to tame flyaways and to give your hair some shine. To complete the look wear some fangs and blood. You’ll look Spookalicious! Our model, Shirley, is wearing our 26” straight lace front.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Who wants to look like a “Dangerous Woman?” Well, we got you covered! Ariana Grande is a fun Halloween look to do. What you’ll need is a  20” inch ponytail extension, hair ties, bobby pins, and hair accessories. First, you want to braid three tiny braids, one in the front and one on each side of the head. Then you want to slick your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. Once placed, grab your ponytail extension and place the comb into your ponytail. When secured, wrap the velcro around the base and secure with some bobby pins. We've got you covered if you want a more in-depth tutorial on how to install a clip-in ponytail. Grab those hair accessories and place them within the braids. To complete the look, wear an oversized hoodie or jumper and some knee-high boots.

bride of chucky

Bride of Chucky

The Bride of Chucky is a cult classic! What better way to pay homage than to dress up as Tiffany? What you’ll need to achieve this look is a wig and a straightener. Once the wig is placed and secure, add some heat protectant, and straighten the hair. It's pretty easy to learn how to put on a wig. To complete the look wear a black choker, a smokey eye with black lipstick, a white dress, and a biker jacket. @TheeVanityDiary is wearing our Valley Girl wig for his look.

fairy girl costume

Cute Fair Girl 

Want to feel mystical on Halloween? Try being a fairy! To achieve this look you’ll need a 20” or longer clip-in set, a curler, and bobby pins. Place the clip-ins all around your head and start to curl small sections of your hair. Once done, braid the crown of your hair and secure it with some bobby pins on the side of your head. To make the braid look fuller, pull the braid apart just a bit. To give your hair more of a fairy vibe, add some sparkles and butterflies. To complete the look wear a pastel top, some wings, and a wand!

disco queen costume

Disco Queen

The 70’s! The era of great fashion, music, and HAIR! To look like a Disco Queen you’ll need, a curling iron, clip-in extensions or a volumizer, and hairspray. To start, split your hair into a middle part and add clip-in extensions or a volumizer all-around your head. To learn how to install volumizers, check out this post on how to get more length and volume. Once done, start curling your hair into big and small curls. When finished curling the hair, start fluffing it out with a pick or your fingers. When you get to your desired volume, hairspray the hair to set the curls. To complete the look wear a jumpsuit or wrap dress, big earrings, and some platform heels! You’ll look “Far out!”

scary spice costume

Scary Spice

“Stop!” I know you “Wannabe” a Spice Girl! (specifically Scary Spice) Scary Spice is known for her curly hair and her two Bantu knots.  To achieve this look you’ll need a spray bottle filled with water, a gel or serum, a rattail comb, two small elastic hair ties, and some bobby pins! Section off two small parts of your hair in the front, using the comb. Using the spray bottle, wet one of the sections, making it damp. When your hair is damp, use either a gel or a serum to smooth it down, and start twisting the hair. When you can’t twist the hair any further, it will start to form into a little knot. When that happens, grab an elastic hair tie and wrap it around the knot. If your knots need extra coverage, wrap them up using clip-in extensions, just a piece or two will do the trick. To better secure, the knot, place one or two bobby pins around it. To really elevate the look wrap some gold string around the knots. To complete the look wear anything leopard!

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