4 Simple Steps to Putting On and Securing a Wig Without Adhesives

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Wigs are this year’s hottest trend. Even your favorite celebrities are rocking wigs for photo shoots, red carpets, and using them to change up their everyday style. Wigs used to be celebrities’ best-kept secret but now, they’re everyone’s go-to hair solution. Whether you are experiencing major hair loss, looking for longer, fuller locks, or if you simply want to change up your style or color, wigs are the “it” trend. If you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and explore the wig life, here is a step by step guide on how to apply your wig flawlessly without adhesives!

Step 1: Start with a Wig Cap

A wig cap is not necessary, however, it is recommended because it flattens your natural hair as well as provides friction that will keep your wig in place. A wig cap also doubles as a faux scalp that will show underneath the lace, making the wig look more realistic.

how to put on a wig cap

Step 2: Secure the Wig

The elastic band is the latest wig technology that anchors the wig, as well as flattens out the hairline. Apply the elastic band at the nape of the neck. Placing the elastic band here secures the wig onto the head and keep it in place. Once the elastic band has been applied, tuck the backcomb underneath it to further secure the wig.

secure wig to cap

Step 3: Adjust the Hairline

Once the wig has been properly applied to the head, you can adjust the hairline as necessary by moving it forward or backward. Similar to your own hairline, simply place the wig near the end of the cap, where your natural hairline is. Once it is adjusted, you can finish anchoring the wig by placing the remaining combs in the center and on the sides for added security.

adjust hair line of wig

Step 4: Style the Hair as Desired

Once the wig is in place you can style the hair however you’d like. Change the part, apply a reasonable amount of heat to the hair, style the hair to your liking or wear the hair as is. Curly or straight, long or short, the choice is yours!

Whether you are trying on a full lace or a lace front wig, this technique is foolproof. Goodbye unrealistic synthetic wigs, hello natural human hair wigs!

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