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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you don’t know, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month! We’re dedicating this blog post to all of the brave survivors of breast cancer. For those who don’t know, we at Perfect Locks love to show support to our all cancer survivors and have been doing so for years. We'd love for you to join us! Read the article below to see how we love to show our support.

Pinktober: Hair Options For Cancer Patients & Survivors

If you or a loved one has or is suffering from hair loss, due to cancer or alopecia, we wrote an extensive blog post just for you. This blog post goes in-depth on the steps needed to ensure when is the right moment to use extensions. It also talks about what may happen when you lose your hair and what happens when it grows back. Click the title to read more!

breast cancer awareness month

Cranial Hair Prosthesis - Custom Wigs for Cancer Survivors

We at Perfect Locks love to find ways we can help you or your loved ones. Real Remy human hair wigs can be expensive, but they don't have to be thanks to insurance. We offer a guideline on how you can apply for Cranial Hair Prosthesis with your insurance company, the process is quite simple and straight forward. If you are interested please click here for more information!

cranial hair prosthesis

This Cancer Survivor Gets The Makeover Of A Lifetime

We loved seeing this beautiful woman transform before our eyes! We had the help of celebrity hairstylist and Emmy award winner, Lavette Slater, to make this transformation happen. Otis’ story was so inspiring and seeing her glow with confidence was absolutely breathtaking. Perfect Locks carries a variety of wigs for cancer patients, Click the title to read more!

#GOPINK Your Hair To Support Breast Cancer Awareness

In this video, our customer service associate, Brittni, dyed her hair pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. She wanted to show her support any way she could! Join Brittni and put some pink in your hair! For this long and luscious look she used 5 packs of straight 22" platinum blonde tape-in hair extensions, the extensions and her natural hair were custom colored to create this gorgeous look.

Show Your support with these hair extensions and Wig Options

We've made it effortless and easy to show your support at Perfect Locks. Simploy install a sandwich of tape-in hair extensions to add some flair to your hair. Or, put on our beautifully toned pinkish lace front wig for a total transformation. We've aligned these products so a portion of sales are donated to support the cause.

Supporting Awareness & Women’s Empowerment Event 

Last month, we held an empowerment event at our location, celebrating women and survivors. We displayed this video at our event were these amazing and inspiring survivors went to share their stories. After they shared their stories, we wanted to glam them up and give them a fun photoshoot. Watch the video to learn more about these beautiful women!

Here at Perfect Locks, we will continue to support survivors! We love to help any way we can. Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month with us and wear pink! If you or a loved one are looking for wigs or toppers, stop by our location, and our associates are more than happy to assist. You can also contact us at 888.290.4771 or email us at support@perfectlocks.

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