A Ponytail for Any and Every Occasion!

There is nothing more fun than a “party pony”, that long swishing classic look that you can rock doing yoga or with some hair accessories to a posh gathering. Adored by the who’s who of Hollywood, we rounded up some of the best ponytail style variations for any occasion! 

ariana grande ponytail

#1 Ariana Grande’s Sleek Shopping Pony

It’s no secret that queen of hair extensions is Ariana Grande, whose often extra long extensions become the envy of fans and followers everywhere. Her signature look captured here during a day out on the town shopping with the girls is sleek, fun yet fierce.

In an interview with PopSugar, the Sweetener singer's hairstylist shared how Ari essentially uses her pony as a mood ring. According to stylist Chris Appleton, the height of the singer's ponytail is often an indicator of her overall approach to the day's style. "It's all about the placement," he said. "The higher you go, the fiercer it looks. The lower you go, the more professional or serious it looks. It can change the whole shape of your face. It can snatch your face upward and lift your eyes, or it can pull your eyes down."

He continued, touching on how the addition of other hair elements to the look can totally change Ariana's approach to style. "If you're adding hair extensions or details like braids, it gives off a different impression. That's where she gets to show her personality."

rihanna long ponytail

#2 Rihanna’s Elegant Low Pony

Ponytails, like extensions in general can make a powerful statement when paired with an elegant dress and worn with a low knot. Rihanna adores this very look, seen here at the Diamond Ball with a waist length gray ponytail. The key to dress this look up for your special occasion is two things: a low knot for regal elegance and a lot of shine. In addition to our Perfect Locks Clip-In Ponytails to get the look, amp up the shine with our Inspire Silk Serum.

amanda seyfried ponytail hair

#3 Amanda Seyfried’s Braid + Pony Combo

Amanda Seyfried has the kind of hair every girl dreams of: It’s long, thick, shiny, the perfect shade of beige blonde, and looks just as good wavy as it does straight. But when a ponytail is paired with braids that hug the crown the look is next level and requires little more a clean side part and 2 French braids on either side of the head. Finish this look with a light spritz of hairspray and you’re ready for a day of adventure or an evening of elegance!

If you haven’t experience them yet, our Perfect Locks Clip-In Ponytails feature a French lace and durable Velcro wraparound strap that is discrete even when sporting a topknot. It will hold fast all day or evening with our unique DuraLock™ comb and last up to 2 years! They are available in 6 different texture styles and 6 natural color shades.


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