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Creating Huge Volume with Hair Extensions

Huge volume is among fall’s hottest hair trends, and whether you have thick or thin hair, extensions can add the volume you want and need to top off your fall style. In the past, women used to spend lots of money and time sitting in a salon chair to adorn their hair with sexy extensions. Today technology has advanced to the point where high-quality, natural looking extensions are readily available. Try our clip on volumizers or other extensions such as our fusion hair extensions to receive ultimate volume and after you’ve purchased and received your extensions, here’s how to add even more sexy volume to your hair.

volume with hair extensions

Prepare Your Hair and Extensions

Wash and blow-dry your hair with a light mousse, to add texture and volume to your locks. Scrunch it as you go to add some waves and texture. It’s easier to hide extensions if your hair has a bit of texture. Make sure your extensions match the texture of your natural hair. If necessary, use a curling iron or flat iron to add some oomph. Gather your tools: a comb, at least four clip-in extensions, a clip to hold up your hair, and a light hairspray.

Creating Volume

Before you begin, open all the clips on your extensions. With your hair down, pull up half your hair and clip it out of the way, so the very lowest layer at the back of your head is down, and the top is completely clipped away. The part should be at about mid-ear. At the part that separates upper hair from lower hair, insert your first extension, starting with the middle clips and working outward until it’s completely clipped to your head. Unclip your top hair, and let down another layer, about a finger-length above the previous part. Repeat the process, inserting another extension. Individuals with naturally thick hair will probably only need to repeat this process twice. If your hair is thin, or if you have thick hair and want show-stopping volume, repeat a few more times, working up the head. Don’t go any higher than the top of your ear. They key here is using your natural hair to layer over the extensions to hide the clips.


Add a bit of volume to the sides as well, repeating the process with shorter extensions on either side of the head, being sure to cover the clips on the extensions with natural hair. Sculpt with a comb, spray in a bit of light hairspray, and you’re ready to go.

hair extensions quizhair extensions quiz