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How to Layer Your Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are an excellent way to get a long, luxurious hairstyle in an instant. However, sometimes that long, luxurious hair is just a little bit too long – as in one length all over. While unbelievable length can be great for a diva moment or red-carpet gathering, a blunt-cut curtain of hair can be drab, hot, heavy, and bothersome, not to mention unrealistic-looking. But never fear! Here’s how to layer your own hair extensions if you can’t get a stylist to do it.

Things You'll Need:

  1. Human hair extensions
  2. Comb or brush
  3. Hair clips or ties
  4. Haircutting scissors (if needed)
  5. Styling tools (optional)

3 Steps on How to Layer Your Own Hair extensions

1. Install Your Extensions

First things first, get your extensions installed on your head; don’t rely on a wig head to replicate the shape, size, or needs of your scalp. Style the extensions the way you want them to fall in the final look, parting the hair where you want the final part to be and so on. All this will help ensure your coif is perfect when you are done. The techniques described here will work just as well for net weaves, sew-in and clip-in extensions, and fusion hair.

how to layer hair extensions

2. Section Your Hair

Next, pull your new extensions into four ponytails: two side by side at the front of the head like a little girl’s pigtails, and two at the back, stacked one on top of the other. For extra-thick or –long extensions, divide the back portion into three stacked ponytails.

Leave the bottom-back ponytail as is and only cut the other three to four sections of your hair; this way, you can realize the full length that you bought on at least one point on your head.

To cut a few inches off the top-back ponytails, slide your scrunchy or elastic band down to just above the length you wish to cut, then use a pair of super-sharp hair scissors to take off the unwanted ends. The amount you need to cut will vary, but try not to take off more than 3 to 4 inches at this point – too drastic a chop will just make your hair look blocky instead of layered.

3. Create the Fringe

Next tackle the front part, creating a gradual fringe around the face using a razor comb (pictured). For each front ponytail, comb the hair with a damp wide-toothed comb, then slide the razor comb down the length of the hair, starting at about eye level and working toward the tips for most women. Use quick, sharp strokes to thin out the hair and create a tapered look that suits your face. If you like, clip out a section of bangs with your scissors.

And that’s it! To keep track of layered clip-on or sewn-in extensions, simply number the tracks or clips with a paper tag or marker, starting with “1” for the back pieces and going up toward the front. Then you’ll know which order to use when re-installing, and you’ll have an easy, breezy, realistic look waiting on you!

Benefits of Layered Hair Extensions

Volume and Thickness:

Layers can boost volume and thickness, especially for people with thin or fine hair. Layers give hair body and bounce by reducing part of its weight.

Enhanced Texture:

Layers provide texture to hair, giving it a more dynamic and interesting appearance. This can be effective for those with straight or flat hair, as it adds movement and energy.

Face Framing:

Face-framing layers draw attention to facial features and add softness to the overall appearance. This is a great way to highlight the eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Easy Maintenance:

Layers can make hair easier to maintain. By strategically removing bulk, layers can prevent hair from becoming too heavy and difficult to manage.

Longer-Lasting Hairstyles:

Layered hair tends to hold hairstyles, curls, and waves better than hair with a single length. The varied lengths of the layers create a textured surface that helps styles stay in place.

Effortless Beachy Waves:

Layers enhance the natural wave pattern in hair, making it easier to achieve beachy waves without much effort. This is best for individuals with naturally wavy or curly hair.


While hair extensions can increase your hair's length and volume, styling and layering them can enhance the overall appearance, making you look fabulous and elegant. With these steps on how to layer your own hair extensions, you can get those beautifully layered extensions that can boost your confidence.

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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