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How To Get Major Hair Volume

how to get hair with more volume

How many times have you had an important meetup or a big event and your hair just seems to fall flat? Getting thicker, fuller hair is easier than ever. Whether you’re using your real hair or extensions, volume is just a simple trick away! Keep reading for some great tips and tricks on how to get voluminous hair!

try a new voluminous hairstyle

Change Up Your Hairstyle

A different style can completely update your look! If you find your hair seems to fall flat towards the ends, a new haircut can be just what you need! A shorter, choppier style equals instant volume. Color can have a similar effect as well. Create some dimension with some balayage, highlights or lowlights to give you a whole new look. For those who aren’t interested in drastically style, a simple change in part is all you need. If you find your hair starts to flatten where you normally part your hair, switch up the part and see how much volume your hair suddenly has!

backcomb hair for volume

Back Comb/Brush It

You’ve probably been doing this little trick since you were young, and it is a tried and true method of achieving maximum volume. Get fuller hair by combing or brushing your hair back towards the root. This method works best for ponytails, buns, and other more intricate styles. Once you’ve reached your desired volume, be sure to smooth over any unkempt hairs to complete the look.

blow dry to add volume

Blow Dry Upside Down

This tip may seem silly but it makes a major difference! Get fuller hair the natural way by simply blow-drying your hair upside down. Drying your hair in this direction lifts your roots, and allows your hair to lay differently, appearing thicker.

use volumizing hair products

Use Volumizing Products

There are plenty of styling products on the market that are designed to add volume to your hair. Everything from texturizing spray to volumizing shampoo & conditioner and mousse. A quick fix for two day old hair is dry shampoo. It absorbs the oils that build up in your hair that bring it down and cause it to appear flat, giving you temporarily refreshed hair.

Pump It Up with Perfect Locks!

For those who are looking for a bit more volume, extensions are the perfect solution! Our clip-in volumizer instantly makes your hair fuller, much like our 7 piece clip-in set, in just one piece. For the best blend, simply pull your hair through the integration holes and style as desired.

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