This Cancer Survivor Gets the Makeover of a Lifetime

This Cancer Survivor Gets the Makeover of a Lifetime

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As March comes to an end, Women’s History Month is beginning to wind down as well. We’d like to celebrate the final week by naming two amazing women as our #WCW. Last year, we teamed up with celebrity hairstylist and three time Emmy Award winner, Lavette Slater to help an amazing woman named Otis find the confidence she needs to win her battle against cancer.

Otis' Story

Otis is a mother of two who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. She bravely decided to lean into her struggle and shave her head. As empowering as it was, she felt as though she looked as sick as she would soon feel. A major part of recovery is having a strong and positive mentality. We wanted to provide Otis with that, by giving her the ability to look like herself again. By allowing her to look good and healthy on the outside, it will help her journey to better health.

the big surprise for a cancer survivor

The Big Surprise

Celebrity hairstylist Lavette Slater has worked with several cancer patients and survivors and understands the struggle and worry that comes with the reality of losing hair. After hearing Otis' story, Lavette was more than happy to provide her with a makeover she’ll never forget. Lavette created a custom wig for Otis using our 16" Wavy Virgin Weaves and Swiss Lace Closure. She prefers to work with human hair because it is easy to take care of, can be styled many different ways, and lasts much longer than synthetic or blended hair. Since all of our hair is 100% Remy human hair, the cuticle remains intact, allowing the hair to last even longer than most!

hair extension installation for makeover

The Big Reveal

Lavette brought in her trusty makeup artist, who helped to create a look that truly embodied Otis' personality. The first reveal was to Otis, herself. She couldn’t believe how good she looked, and how natural her hair looked and felt. Otis was finally able to look like her best self, and as we all know, looking your best gives you the confidence to take on the world! The second reveal was to her mother, husband and children. They were all thrilled with the results and were happy to see a familiar glow Otis has always had. This was a great experience and we were honored to be able to work with a talent like Lavette, to bring joy to such an incredible woman like Otis.

hair extension makeover with weaves

Here at Perfect Locks, we strive to provide an array of extensions and hair loss solutions as diverse as our clientele to give them the strength to face their battles head on with great hair! If you are interested in Lavette’s services, please be sure to check out her website, To find out more about our hair loss solutions, click here.

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