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3 Common Mistakes When Color Matching Hair Extensions

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Beyond length and texture, one of the most important decisions you need to make when buying your hair extensions is finding the perfect haircolor. The GOOD thing is that you don’t need to fret about this decision yourself because our Customer Service Team is trained to help you find your Perfect Hair Extensions!

Mistake #1: Not checking YOUR hair color first

Before you even get started shopping, here’s the most important thing to think about:

Great hair extension installs are ones where people can’t tell they are hair extension installs. Even if its a clip-in set for a day or evening, you WANT a natural, totally blended, totally seamless and discrete look. You want to dazzle, not be a whispered talking point to passersby.

First things first…

  • Take a set of selfies, ideally by having someone else take them for you!
  • Make sure you’re in a place with natural lighting (like near a window or outside), because lightbulbs will throw warm colors and impact the way your hair color looks in photos.
  • Snap a photo of the front, side and back. 

Compare the color of your natural hair to our shade chart, or let us do the shopping for you! 

  • Simply go to our virtual color and texture matching service and fill out our online form. Our team will assess your hair and get back to you within 24 hours guaranteed! 
  • You can attach multiple photos to the form, so just attach the photos you took, click, send, done! 
  • If the form is giving you trouble you can also email us at: or send them to us on our Instagram.

Check out our Perfect Locks Shade Chart for all of the options we offer, including a variety of color effect hair extensions like custom balayage and ombre to give you the kind of color results only seen in high end salons!

Mistake #2: Picking a color without thinking about the color 

When the mood for a hair change hits, sometimes we can go a little tooooo far. Think about when you are sitting in a salon chair and your stylist is talking to you about the hair change you are asking for and ask yourself the same questions.

What is your lifestyle? The best kind of hair extensions result is one that perfectly suits you. Colors also say a lot when it comes to our personalities. Blondes do indeed have more fun in summer, while warmer colors like chocolatey browns and rich, sultry blacks are popular in fall. Really though there is not set season for the haircolor provided it works for your skin ton 

Is your skin tone cool or warm? Think about what you learned about makeup and finding the right makeup look for your skin tone. The same is true when it comes to haircolor, because you want a shade that will be flattering. In the chart below you can see undertones ranging from warm to cool and overtones ranging from lighter skin to dark as an example. 

Warm Skin Tones should go for hair extensions with a yellow or red base and highlights or lowlights to add some depth and dimension are ideal if you want to punch things up a bit.

Cool Skin Tones should go for extensions with a neutral or blue base, using balayage or ombre effect hair extensions for greater depth dimension.

TIP: Color match the mid lengths and ends of your natural hair. Remember the photos we asked you to take earlier? Study them. Our hair is never, ever one REALLY one-dimensional. Our roots are always darker and ends lighter because the hair at the root is brand new. Over time, especially in summer, UV rays tend to pound our hair with light wavelengths that will break down pigments slightly, resulting in lighter ends.

If your hair is the same color from roots to ends, then just color match to the ends of your hair.

The most important place to color match your hair is on your mid lengths and ends, the place where your extensions will be most visible.

Like to change your look often? It may be worth it to you to buy our Perfect Locks Color Ring if you like to change up your hair look seasonally or with your mood! It will let you color swatch play different options.

Mistake #3: Living in a one dimensional color world

The most expensive color work you can get in a hair salon is balayage or ombre effect haircolor. To get it right you need the skilled hands of a haircolorist who applies one simple rule you can learn from when it comes to extensions: variety is the spice of life. 

Picking one shade can often lead to more volume and density of hair sure, but when you go slightly lighter or darker with hair extensions and blend them with your natural hair, the result is Red Carpet worthy. Get creative with extension color combos!

Some Extension Color Combo Ideas: 

  • Add some depth and dimension to your naturally dark hair with extension pieces that are lighter than your own.
  • Add underlights to your lighter hair with extensions or wefts that are a little darker than your natural hair to create dramatic depth as you walk, move and turn your head.
  • Add lighter pieces to the front of your head as “money pieces”. The brightness and lighter color around the face especially when razored to a perfect face hugging curve draws people’s eyes to your own. This is one of the most popular color trends right now that you can get with extensions (and no color work at all).

Can I dye my hair extensions?” You CAN, but why not let us do that for you with our ready-to-order color effects shades? We’ve curated a collection of premium quality hair extensions in a variety of rooted shades, balayage and ombre. 

Still not sure of the right color? Book an appointment and visit us!

  • Our Walnut Creek, California showroom is a premiere destination for the ultimate hair fitting experience. Staffed by seasoned professionals, we offer you a discrete and thorough color, texture match and consultation. 
  • Book your FREE in-person appointment to find your perfect match today!
  • Did you know? We can even create and order custom extensions for you?! Ask our Customer Service Team and we’ll create something to your specifications.

Already bought and unsure if you ordered the right hair? Don’t panic!

Just wash and condition your hair extensions once you receive them, but keep the zip ties intact! Once dry, hold your hair extensions up to your hair to check for the color, texture and blend. 

Quick Note: Due to our strict 14-day return and exchange policy, once the hair is out of the purple zip-ties or it has been cut or altered, we are unable to honor a return and exchange. As for wigs, once the lace is cut or it has been cut or altered it also voids our return and exchange policy. Be sure to review it thoroughly!

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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