Color Me Lovely: 4 Tips for Finding Your Best Hair Color

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finding your hair color

With spring just around the corner, many women are looking to change up their hair color. After all, why should Mother Nature have all the fun? If the leaves get to change, why shouldn’t your hair, too? Yet picking the right shade can be an agonizing decision, with all the options available. So here are a few surefire tips to set you on the right path…even if you still can’t decide in the end!

  • Consider your lifestyle. Got a high-profile corporate or office job? Green tips, skunk stripes, and pink Mohawks will likely not go over well with the boss. On the other hand, a glam rocker with bland, one-dimensional hair color likely won’t get much love, either. Choose a hair dye that fits your individual personality, current job, and aspirations.
  • Go darker than your skin tone, unless you’re going for a special, haute-couture effect. Almost all people naturally have hair darker than their skin color, from the palest redheads to the darkest ebonies. Of course, this doesn’t mean you don’t have room to play; this simply means that your most natural-looking hues will contrast with your skin to make your face glow. Pale skin may look better with blonds and light reds, while inky blacks and deep browns can make darker complexions look radiant—think of Kelly Rowland’s transformation with her new raven locks. Try not to match your skin and hair colors exactly, though, as this can make you look washed out.
  • Match your undertones. Besides the basic pigment, every human has a warm, neutral, or cool undertone to their skin. Your best hair color will match that undertone for a natural feel. Women with warm golden or red undertones should go for equally toasty hair colors, such as copper, honey, or strawberry blond. On the other hand, cooler undertones call for chilled-out hues like natural black, burgundy, or espresso. Neutral girls, that’s right—you can pretty much pull off any tint.
  • Think of your roots. Lightening your locks several levels can be a dramatic shock on your follicles and scalp. If you’d like to go several shades lighter than your natural color, try to do so gradually, to prevent damage, dryness, breakage, and even hair loss. Also, make sure you can keep up the scheduled maintenance, to avoid drastically contrasting roots; not only can this look tacky, but, in the case of very light-blond hair that has been darkened, your new growth can actually resemble a bald spot!

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Sounds simple, right? Well, every woman knows choosing a hair color is hard. But hopefully, these hair color ideas, along with upcoming articles on hair coloring methods and products, will help make your next hue decision just a bit easier.

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