How To Care For Your Clip-In Hair Extensions: Best Tips To Maintain Your Clip-Ins

caring for clip on extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular choice for many women who are looking to change their look instantly. However, with the warm weather doing a number on your hair, it’s easy for them to get dry and frizzy. That’s why it’s a must for you to know how to care for your clip-in hair extensions so you can enjoy them longer. Taking good care of them can help promote their long life and healthy locks and keep you looking good for all seasons. 

Maintaining your clip-in hair extensions

Since clip-in extensions will likely be making many appearances at your attended events, take some time to review the proper way to keep them beautiful, so they can keep you beautiful, too. 

Here are a few tips you should follow to maintain your clip-in extensions:

Tip #1: Wash your extensions

Extensions can soak up your hair’s natural oil, so it’s important to wash them to maintain their shape and quality. Some of the fibers may fall out if your extensions are allowed to get overly greasy. 

To avoid this, set a schedule to wash your extensions and follow these steps: 

  • Simply soak your extensions in water in your bathroom sink. Use tepid water when soaking since hot water can affect the wefts.
  • Use a gentle, clarifying shampoo and cover them gently – don’t scrub in the shampoo as you would with your natural hair. Scrubbing it aggressively will just lead to a tangled mess. Instead, wipe the shampoo down the length of each extension weft, and rinse thoroughly with cold, clean water. After shampooing, use a gentle conditioner with a low pH level to smoothen the extensions.
  • Repeat the process by washing the wefts individually or in pairs. 
  • Applying a deep conditioning treatment once every week or 2 weeks is also recommended to keep your extensions shiny. Apply generously and evenly. You can leave them on for a few minutes or even overnight if you’re not in a hurry. Rinse them completely with cold water to help lock in moisture.
  • If you want to detangle the wefts, make sure to only use a wide-tooth comb or an extensions brush with soft bristle before washing them. Don’t comb or brush extensions while they’re wet because you’ll risk tearing out the hair strands. 

Tip #2 : Air dry your extensions

Do not blow dry. Allow your extensions to dry naturally. This is why it’s important not to scrub too hard while shampooing the extensions. Many hair experts do not recommend blow drying your clip-in hair extensions, but in rare occasions where you need to dry them quickly, you can use the lowest heat setting possible. So far, the best way and the golden rule for drying any kind of hair extension is air drying. It is the key in maintaining their softness and quality. 

After washing your hair extensions, place them in a clean, dry towel, and wrap the towel around to squeeze any excess water. Then, unravel the towel and leave your extensions to air dry.

Tip #3: Hydrate using quality hair care products

And please remember, it's extremely important to take care of your extensions by using high quality sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Using products with harsh chemicals can not only damage your extensions but also your natural hair. Just as you hydrate and moisturize your skin, your hair also needs some TLC to keep 4eit hydrated and looking full of life. You want to make sure you have a quality shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave-in conditioner for your extensions. 

Hydrate your hair and extensions using Perfect Locks’ line of hair care products. Our products are specially formulated to work both for your hair extensions and natural hair.

Tip #4: Comb and moisturize

If you haven’t brushed your extensions before washing, you can comb them with care once they are completely dry. You should do so using a wide-tooth comb to smooth them out and remove any tangles. Start brushing from the tips of your hair extensions, working your way up. Brushing from the top can move tangles towards the middle part of your extensions which can cause hair breakage. 

Just like your natural hair, extensions can also grow dry in the colder months, especially when you heat style them often, so be sure to moisturize them when they feel dry. A little leave-in conditioner or Argan oil applied from the mid to the ends of your hair should do the trick. On the other hand, you want to make sure not to over-moisturize or to apply too much treatment to your hair roots, else your extensions will grow oily and flat. Just use a small dab every once-in-a-while.

Tip #5: Styling your extensions

Heat styling is very popular when it comes to adding flair to your hair. For this reason, many ladies use a curling iron or a flat iron regularly. One would even say that it’s necessary if you want to achieve good styling, even though it can be damaging to natural hair and extensions alike. 

The same way to blow drying, it’s not recommended to apply heat styling to your extensions often. If you are using an extension that is made from synthetic hair, you can never apply heat to it since this will burn or melt the plastic material. But, if you are using Remy human hair extensions and you really want to use straightening irons and curling irons to achieve your look, it’s best to start with the lowest heat setting possible.

Use a salon-recommended heat protectant spray as well. And of course, Perfect Locks only recommend the highest quality Remy clip-in human hair extensions. These hair extensions are your best bet for withstanding heat and long-life. 

Keep in mind to heat style hair extensions only when they’re completely dry. If your budget allows, you can purchase two sets of extensions – one that is straightened and one that is curly to cut down on the amount of times you have to style the extensions. Thus, also increasing the lifespan of your extensions. Take good care of your hair extensions, and they’ll keep you looking great.

Tip #6: Customize your extensions

Aside from heat styling, you can customize your extensions by coloring them or cutting them to match your natural hair better. If you want to dye them, it’s good to go with darker colors since using harsh chemicals to bleach them can affect their quality. You can bring them to a professional stylist to customize their color and style. 

Tip #7: Store your extensions properly

Whether you’re traveling or just storing your extensions at home, make sure you store them properly by placing them in their original box, hanging them on a hanger, or using a hair extension storage pouch with satin-silk lining. Then, store them in a cool, dry place in your home. If you just washed your extensions, make sure they are completely dry and brush them before storing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shower with clip-in extensions? 

It’s not recommended to shower with your clip-in hair extensions because they will only tug on your natural hair. Wash them separately instead.

Can you go swimming with clip-ins?

Similarly, it’s not recommended to go swimming with your clip-in extensions. If you really want to wear them to the beach, avoid them getting wet by tying your hair up and using a swimming cap before you get in the water.

Can you sleep with clip-in extensions?

Clip-ins are designed to be taken off at the end of the day, so it’s also not recommended to sleep with them. Afterall, clip-in extensions are considered a temporary extension method.

How often should you wash clip-in hair extensions?

It’s not advisable to wash your clip-in hair extensions every day in order to preserve their lifespan. Unlike other more permanent hair extensions (such as tape-ins or fusion extensions), clip-ins don’t need to be washed often because they do not get oils from your scalp like your real hair. You’ll know it’s time to wash your extensions if you feel like they are getting greasy from moisturizing them several times, or if there's too much product on the hair from styling. You can wash your clip-in extension after you’ve worn it several times. 

Can clip in extensions be worn everyday?

Yes! Feel free to wear your clip-ins every day. Just remember that using them daily can lessen their lifespan. Follow these care tips to keep their quality and enjoy them longer.

How long should clip-in extensions last?

How long your clip-ins last will depend on their material and how you take care of them. Synthetic hair will not last as long as Remy human hair extensions. If you are using 100% Remy clip-in extensions, they can last up to 1 year with the proper care. Meanwhile, synthetic hair can last a few months. 

Does clip-in extension fall easily?

This is perhaps one of the most asked questions for women who haven’t tried using clip-in extensions. You’ll be happy to know that clip-ins do not fall easily. So, why do some experience their clip-ins falling out? It is most likely that the extensions were not applied properly. 

The key for any hair extension to look flawless and natural is to install them correctly. Make sure that your hair is clean and oil-free before installation. To apply them correctly, section your hair horizontally starting from the bottom and secure the hair wefts working to the top.

Caring for your clip-ins

Caring for your clip-in extensions is a must if you want to enjoy using them for many occasions. By keeping your extensions healthy, you are also taking care of your natural hair. When you include these steps in your routine, you’ll be sure to keep your clip-in hair extensions looking shiny and fresh for long! Learn more about clip-in hair extensions by reading our Ultimate Guide.

Now that you know how to take care of your clip-in hair extensions, treat yourself to the finest quality hair extensions in the market. Shop Perfect Locks’ clip-in hair extensions made from Remy human hair!

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