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Difference Between Wavy and Curly Hair Extensions

The hair industry is significantly more diverse than you might imagine, offering a huge selection of hairstyles and hair types. The 3 types of hair texture consists of straight, wavy, and curly hair. A lot of people are having a hard time distinguishing the differences between wavy and curly hair extensions. They think they're both just the same thing. But in reality, both curly and wavy hair extensions vary significantly in terms of their strength, thickness, tightness, and texture. Though both types may differ, wavy hair is actually just another type of curly hair.

In this article, we'll go in depth and compare both wavy and curly hair extensions so that you understand their differences completely.

Difference Between Wavy and Curly Hair Extensions

Wavy Hair Extensions

Wavy Hair Extensions

Despite being a type of curly hair, wavy hair is not regarded as curly. It doesn't appear to be straight or curly. It is exactly halfway between hair that is straight and curly. Wavy hair extensions create a zigzag pattern that almost resembles an "S" shape. When compared to curly hair, which starts from the roots, wavy hair starts at the midlength of the hair and is considered to be softer.

While wavy hair extensions are more prone to frizz than straight hair, it is less prone to oil buildup. When wet, wavy hair extensions are straight, but as soon as it dries, the curls or waves become looser and more defined. Curly hair extensions maintain their shape without the need for much product or heat, which makes them very easy to style.

Compared to curly hair extensions, wavy hair extensions are straighter and smoother in structure. Wavy hair extensions are the perfect choice for the additional length and volume that extensions may add because it has a medium to fine texture and sits closer to the scalp.

Advantages of Wavy Hair Extensions:

  • Wavy hair extensions provide you with a more natural look. It blends easily with natural hair strands and the extension is almost unnoticeable.
  • Wavy hair extensions can easily transition into different hairstyles by adjusting the curls' looseness or firmness, or even by straightening them. These wavy hair extensions can be used to create a beautiful braid out as well.
  • More care products can be absorbed by wavy hair extensions. Meaning , it uses fewer products than the curly hair extensions do.
  • Any length of wavy hair extensions looks fantastic. Depending on what you like best, you can have short, medium, or long waves.
  • Wavy hair extensions require less washing. Waves are more distinct and have a sleeker appearance when natural oils are used to moisturize the strands. The hair is gorgeous and doesn't require styling when you wake up.
  • Wavy hair extensions are low maintenance. They are ideal for busy women who don't have time to worry about their hair every day because they require very little styling.

Disadvantages of Wavy Hair Extensions:

  • Proper maintenance is necessary to maintain wavy hair extensions. To ensure regular hydration, you must have ready high-quality shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil.
  • Compared to curly hair extensions, wavy hair extensions are more likely to get oily.
  • You may struggle to care for wavy hair extensions as they are easy to frizz because of weather or humidity.
  • Wavy hair extensions can lose definition quickly if not properly cared for compared to curly hair extensions.
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Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions twist in a full circle, creating a 360 spiral bend. Curly hair extensions are significantly more prominent than wavy hair extensions, and practically resembles a spring. Compared to wavy hair extensions, curly hair extensions are significantly more distinct and numerous. A hair strand is said to be curly if it has several coils.

Curly hair extensions have a tendency to stretch out and appear wavy when wet, but after applying styling products and drying the hair, it will regain its bouncy and curly structure. The structure and pattern of curly hair extensions can vary greatly. This type of hair also has a distinct personality of its own.

They are difficult to handle since they are so reliant on the weather. Humidity causes curly hair extensions to become frizzy. The way you take care of your curly hair extensions will determine whether it's a blessing or a curse. They're nothing less than a blessing in disguise if you know how to handle and style them properly.

Advantages of Curly Hair Extensions:

  • Curly hair extensions enhance and make your appearance more unique.
  • Multiple volumes and curls in curly hair extensions can give the appearance that the hair is much thicker than it actually is.
  • Curly hair extensions can complement women's natural hair wonderfully.
  • The most realistic-looking hair extensions are curly ones, which are also the easiest to maintain.
  • Curly hair extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Disadvantages of Curly Hair Extensions:

  • There are only a few different lengths of curly hair extensions available in the market.
  • The tight and tiny twists of curly hair make it difficult for the care products to be absorbed properly. Even more product is required to maintain curly hair extensions than to maintain wavy hair extensions each time.
  • Curly hair extensions are known to dry out very easily and quickly.   Moreover, they are prone to breaking or becoming tangled. Curly hair extensions could be difficult for other people to manage.
  • Curly hair extensions can be more difficult to comb than wavy hair extensions.
  • Curly hair extensions have a mind of its own as it is highly dependent on the weather.
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How To Properly Care For Your Wavy and Curly Hair Extensions

  • To ensure that your curly and wavy hair extensions are constantly clean and fresh, wash them once a week or after wearing them at least ten times. Never overwash them. You can only wash them 2 or 3 times a week maximum, or else they will dry out and take away the natural oil from your extensions. You should also detangle your extensions before and after washing them.
  • Use high-quality, sulfate-free products for your curly and wavy hair extensions. Using products containing sulfate can cause hair to become dry, making all your efforts to maintain your hair hydrated useless, so you should avoid them. After washing, you can use a leave-in conditioner or natural oils to keep your hair and extensions hydrated.
  • Your curly and wavy hair extensions should be properly combed. Ensure that you detangle curly and wavy hair extensions while they are still wet. You run the danger of significant hair loss and breaking if you attempt to untangle them while they are dry. To remove knots and tangles from the hair, gently comb your hair with a hair extension loop brush. By doing this frequently, you can prevent matting of the hair and maintain the fresh appearance of your extensions.
  • Avoid heat whenever you can to keep curly and wavy hair extensions looking their best. Dryness and dullness can be caused by excessive heat. Instead of using a blow dryer, you can use a towel to pat them gently, then just let them air dry naturally. If you must use a blow dryer, dry your hair in the direction of the cuticle rather than flipping your head over and drying it upside down. Use the lowest temperature setting and never the highest one.
  • Protect your curly and wavy hair extensions at night. It is not advisable to sleep with your hair extensions. It is recommended to keep them stored in a safe place or a hair extension storage pouch. If you still insist on sleeping with your extensions on, make sure you brush and detangle your hair first. It is highly suggested that you use a satin-silk pillowcase over your pillow to avoid any friction that could promote tangling, frizzing, or further damage.

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