The Difference: Lace Front, Full Lace, & U-Part Wigs

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When it comes to finding the right wig for you, the selection process can be a little intimidating, much less overwhelming. How you like to part and style your hair, your budget or even your own form of comfort all are factors. So how to choose? What is the difference between a U-Part, Lace Front or Full Lace wig? We break it all down for you in our buyer’s guide below and if you need help finding the right wig for you, get in touch with us. We’re here to help you find your perfect fit.


Our most popular and premium wig type is also one commonly worn by celebrities: the Lace Front Wig, whose name exactly describes how it is constructed. If you’ve never worn a wig before, this is a great entry point that features a 3” hand-knotted swiss lace front. Lace Front Wigs are almost as discrete as U-Part Wigs that give you the illusion of a natural hair line through breathable lace. Lace Front Wigs are attached to the front edges of your hair only, so it requires less prep and adjustment work to look natural.

What You’ll Love:

  • Easy to put on and adjust and incredibly low maintenance.
  • Because lace can become worn over time, Lace Front Wigs have greater longevity than Full Lace Wigs. Lace Front needing replacement? No problem! The old lace can be removed and a new frontal sew-in!
  • 3 inches of lace that can be cut and shaped to fit any scalp size and that also allows for parting in any direction for maximum styling versatility.
  • Durable and long-lasting construction with swiss lace front and machine wefted tracks throughout.
  • No more sweaty scalp itch courtesy of our SureFit™ adjustable elastic straps with comb clips on our LuxeMesh™ very breathable base.


Our second most popular wig type is the Full Lace Wig, which unlike our Lace Front Wigs has a base made completely of swiss lace. Because the lace is throughout the base of the unit, it allows for a little more style versatility than the Lace Front Wig. Unlike our Lace Front Wigs, a wig cap is highly recommended to allow you to anchor your wig firmly to the scalp.

full lace wig before and after

What You’ll Love:

  • Durable construction with our lightweight, breathable, and comfortable swiss lace base. It is not as long lasting as the Lace Front Wig BUT offers you far more styling versatility.
  • The most versatile and style expression driven wig we make! You can do everything from top knots, to braids and pigtails. You cannot do high ponytails or braids with U-Part Wigs or Lace Front Wigs.
  • 3 inches of fully hand-knotted hair on a lace base that is the most realistic looking wig on the market today.
  • No more sweaty scalp itch courtesy of our SureFit™ adjustable elastic straps with comb clips on our LuxeMesh™ very breathable base.


Reigning supreme as one of the most popular wig types today (thanks to a lot of love from the who’s who of Hollywood), the U-Part Wig is as discrete as a sew-in! The name comes from a U-shaped base design that allows your natural hair and scalp to be pulled through and visible. Because some much of your natural hair is accessible, you have maximum parting and styling options with some hefty volume, density, and length from your U-Part Wig. BUT make sure if you’re going to rock a U-Part Wig that you have medium to long hair already otherwise the tracks will not be hidden well.

What You’ll Love:

  • Durable and long-lasting construction with our machine wefted 100% human Remy hair on a comfortable swiss lace base
  • Faster and less hassle than a Lace Front Wig or Full Lace Wig as it requires less adjusting to blend it into your skin along the forehead.
  • No more sweaty scalp itch courtesy of our SureFit™ adjustable elastic straps with comb clips on our LuxeMesh™ very breathable base.
  • Maximum styling and parting options with the most discrete wig on the market today courtesy of the U-part construction.

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