Three Reasons to invest in Mini Tabs and Easy Tabs

Tape hair is one of the easiest methods of transforming your locks via extensions! When you’re busy balancing the kids’ school and extracurricular activities, your work obligations, and life in general, you need your hair to be full and lovely with minimal effort. Perhaps you’ve always wanted soft warm highlights to accentuate your eyes, but your schedule doesn’t permit a break for 5 hours to visit your nearest salon...or you’re just plain tired; Perfect Locks Mini Tabs and Easy Tabs are here to save the day! There are three important ways they can make your day easy:

Mini Tape Extensions

Time: Time is precious and we don’t always have it to invest in our hair maintenance, I know I don’t! Easy tabs can be inserted usually in an hour or less! You can transform yourself from solid chocolate brown to a honey blond highlighted diva in no time! Perfect Locks two-toned mini tabs can give you a multi-dimensional look almost instantly! If you’re bold and walk on the dangerous side Perfect Locks Easy tabs can give you a chunkier highlight effect, creating a dramatic new look that will brighten your day.

Safe: We all have had highlights done with professional lighter and although your hair looked fabulous, the structure of your hair follicles took a massive hit with the extraction of color from your hair. Using mini tabs and easy tabs as your highlights provides you with a custom color and leaves your natural hair healthy. Don’t forget the amount of time you’ll save not having to sit and process.

Easy: Getting your hair highlighted can turn out well, but getting to that perfect color may take a few time consuming steps. Just consider the washing, toning and processing involved. With multi-tone mini tabs you can view a variety of color combinations prior to installation, so the first time it’s installed, it’s perfect. It’s so easy!!!! You can see the colors, and the process of matching to your natural hair is as easy as pressing the big red button!

Well Lockettes, if you want easy breezy color transformations try Perfect Locks Mini Tabs and Easy tabs, you won’t be disappointed. Hey, you might even have enough time for a latte XOXO!

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