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The Hottest Celebrity Moms Who Wear Hair Extensions

Celebrity moms always look perfect. Their hair extensions are always fresh, the glue is never showing, they’re always dressed to the nines, and they never look tired! Now, we know what you’re thinking – if you had a team of hair stylists and makeup artists following you around everywhere you go, you’d look like a celebrity mom too.

But hold that thought for just a moment. You don’t have to have professionals switching up your hair extensions every other day like the celebrity moms do. You just have to have great hair extensions that help you ‘wake up flawless’ and pull of those celebrity hairstyles.

Channel your inner glam-ma like these celebrity moms do!    

Queen Bey Takes the Win... Obviously

If there’s one mom who never looks like she’s been spit up or pooped on a million times in one day, it’s Queen Bey. She always seems to have it together and never has even the slightest strand out of place. So, if there's anything we've learned from Queen Bey, it's to keep your hair extensions fresh and switch up the styles with a lace frontal or hair extension weave to pull off the flawless mom look. 

beyonce best hairstyle

Salonge Knowles Follows En Suite

We can’t mention Beyonce’s stunning strands without talking about her sister, Salonge. After all, she’s basically an A-List celebrity after the Jay Z incident in the elevator. While she has stunning hair naturally, Salonge uses lace front wigs and clip-in hair extensions to turn her hair into the celebrity hairstyles we’ve ever seen.

J.Lo Always Has the Glow

J.Lo comes and goes but her hair extensions are always on point. This celebrity mom knows how to look great, even as she approaches the big 50. It’s all due to her long, luscious locks, so don't let age define your glam. 


Kardashian Klad is a No Brainer

You might “hate” the Kardashian sisters, but deep down, you know you secretly love them – or at the least, you admire their flowing, flawless hair that is always perfect. Their secret? They change their celebrity hairstyles with clip-in extensions as often as they change their babies’ diapers, or rather, as often as their nannies change the diapers.


Chrissy Teigen is a Showstopper

Here’s one celebrity mom who shines as bright as her personality. When she’s not making quirky comments on Snapchat or teasing her husband online, she’s showing off her stunning locks in an IG post. They may be tape-in hair extensions or a clip-ins from time to time, we can never be 100% sure because she wears them so well. All hail, Chrissy Teigen.


Britney Spears Has Good Days & Bad

Britney Spears may be mostly recognized for her crazy head-shaving antics and exposed hair extensions, so you may be wondering why she's listed as one of the top celebrity moms with hair extensions.

Fortunately, her bad hair days are a thing of the past. While we can’t deny that the mid 2000’s weren’t the best years for Britney – or for her hair extensions, she’s come a long way as a celebrity mom. Thankfully, her full sew-in weaves or fusion hair installations followed en suite. You simply can’t deny she’s one hot momma today with some seriously amazing tresses.


Kids will make you want to pull your hair out or they'll do the pulling out for you. Those toddlers will be the death to our tresses, we tell ya'! Fortunately, you always have hair extensions to save your thinning hair and to look flawless even after an entire night of no sleep. 

Use discount code "MOMSDAY" for 20% off and treat yourself for once. You deserve it. 

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Love Great Hair?

Stay chic and informed with our exclusive updates for tutorials, trends, tips, and early sales access!

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