The Guru Guide to Black Friday Shopping

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Black Friday through Cyber Monday has become quite literally the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year and most online retailers have already started the party early. This year particularly most major companies are struggling with supply chain issues and even getting inventory into the country, particularly electronics. This year also has many retailers kicking off their sales earlier, so shopping early for some items means you get the best pic of what’s available in light of shortages. 

To get the best deals and NOT be taken advantage of by retailers playing some trickery with numbers to fool you into thinking you got a great deal…shop smart! We rounded up some of our favorite Black Friday Shopping tips to make you a guru when it comes to getting the best buy!

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1: Start with a list.

All too often when we hit the cyber highway or pop into stores we only have a vague idea of what to get and who we’re even shopping for. We end up shopping sales and what looks like a good buy and before you know it, you overspend. Take the time to make a list of who you’re shopping for this year and what you’re going to get them or what they want. This allows you to do your research beforehand to find the best price and where before heading out the door. 

For sisters, moms, loved ones or even for Dads, we have a complete array of items to suit them where YOU could deliver the gift of great hair extensions this season! (Insert link)

2: If you haven’t already, start shopping right now.

Certain items such as big ticket electronics you had to grab the moment you see them because of shortages. This year that’s particularly important in the case of Xbox Series S or X or PS5 consoles which have become hard to get ahold of and won’t be discounted much if at all. Children’s toys are also another item that will be hard to get, as most of them are made in other countries and may not make it into port in time (or consistently) to keep up with demand. 

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3: Before you buy, price compare.

The deal you see isn’t always the best deal (or often even a real deal at all). With inflation as well as rising costs for production of everything from electronics to skincare and even produce, to make your budget stretch the furthest you need to keep an eye on price comparison apps and websites to help you out. 

  • CamelCamelCamel is a funny named Amazon price tracker that lets you track pricing for any goods imaginable. It’s a great tool to not only compare an Amazon price to what you’re seeing in a story, but also to set alerts for yourself to get notified immediately when a sale is happening.
  • rounds up most major online and brick and mortar retailers published promotions all in one handy spot so you can explore each one before planning your trip. Their team sorts through hundreds of discounts from top stores like Best Buy, The Home Depot and even Amazon to show the best offers out there.

4: That being said, remember to shop local.

Amazon has gouged the very heart out of Main Street worse than Walmart ever did and around this time of year local craft stores, boutiques, book stores and even hair salons are fighting the buying power of mega companies. For local stores in your neighborhood and town, where you can, keep your money local. Remember that every dollar you spend there isn’t going into the pockets of billionaires, but helping support local families. Our own local store is something we take great pride in, particularly as we love fitting and servicing people with the right hair solution to make them feel more confident. We’ll be ready to help you if you’re nearby and looking to give your own gorgeous self a makeover for the holidays.

5: Let’s normalize not going broke for the holidays.

With rising costs associated with most everything you really are going to want to set a budget this year and stick to it. Deals may dazzle you, but make sure to price shop and compare before forking over your hard earned money. Impulse buys when strolling around after Thanksgiving with a peppermint mocha in hand are your biggest pitfall, particularly as there is a psychological thrill to feeling like you found a great deal. It’s an endorphin rush and one retailers are planning on you to experience. While we offer buy now, pay later programs like many online retailers do, it’s far more important for you to feel happy with the choice you’ve made. Juggling bills in the months to come brings negative emotions into something that should be joyful, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or even buying great hair extensions on Black Friday

Keep your eyes posted on the deals we’re offering as we’ve always been about one thing: offering you the right wig, extensions or unit for you to look in the mirror and say to yourself, “hello gorgeous!”

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