The 6 Hottest Hair Trends That Will Dominate Winter

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As the holiday approaches and we dip into the cooler months, it’s natural to crave a change in hair that parallels our change in attire. Piling on layers of clothing is akin to going for layers of a different kind, with celebrities from New York to Beverly Hills going for textured hairdos. This winter will be all about low-maintenance styles such as bobs, shags and sleek and shiny hair.

1: The Shag Reigns On

First it was the “Modern Shag” then it was the “Wolf Cut”, but the shag hairstyle in the form of a modern mullet has continued to reign on as a trendy hairstyle. Squid Game’s Hoyeon Jung is rocking this very lock with shoulder-length hair with face-framing layers.

2: Heavy Layered Hair

Long hair doesn’t have to be boring and a great hairdresser can take your natural hair (or extensions hair) and allow you to create some depth and dimension by keeping the length but layering it up. Long, heavy layers are fantastic for creating movement with a style that is as fun as it is feminine. 

3: Bangs and Mid-Length Hair

Zendaya stepped out in London sporting a stunning Vivienne Westwood dress with beautiful eyelash bangs and mid-length hair. Mid-length hair can be paired with waves and texture for a thick, dense head of hair that is ready for any event.

4: Glass Hair

The 90s/early 2000s were the era for sleek, straight, “runway model” hair. Since trends tend to cycle back again, this look has returned in the form of “glass hair”, so named because of the ultra shiny, fully hydrated sleek look that mermaid length hair is sporting. If you don’t have the length to pull it off, there is extensions.

5: Embracing the Curl

Texture sure has come a long way in the 21st century and it’s refreshing to see just healthy hair with every kink, curl and wave on the heads of confident women everywhere. But winter can be hard on your natural curls, so putting them into a protective style and going straight for a curly wig, or topper can let you embrace your curl without damaging your real deal.

6: Power Pony and Zig Zag Part

Speaking of 90s/early 2000s hair, BOTH the power ponytail and the zig zag part have come back in a big way. Whether you opt for a “pony for a day” with our Perfect Locks Clip-In Ponytail or have a full hand-tied weft install to give you the kind of length to work with, pair with the zig zag! This part is as statement making as it is fun.

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