Beaded Weft Vs. Machine Weft: Which is Right for Me?

beaded weft vs machine weft

If you’re new to extensions, it’s very easy to get confused by the difference between a beaded weft and a regular weft. It’s practically the same type of extension, but the installation methods are very different. Allow us to help explain the difference so you can decide which extension will best fit your needs.

compare types of wefts

The Nuts and Bolts

The structure of both extensions is very similar. The hair is sewn onto a weft and double wefted to improve its durability and longevity. Double wefting the hair makes it stronger and creates a thicker look. Our weaves and beaded wefts are made the same way with the same materials. We then take our wefts and sew our silicone-lined microbeads onto the weft, being careful not to break the seal

The Type of Hair

Despite having the option of choosing whatever extension you’d like, it’s important you choose an extension that will work best for your hair type as well. Weaves work best for moderate to extremely textured hair because that texture holds a braid well. Soft hair can be difficult to braid because the braid will loosen quicker, shortening the length of wear. A weave is a more permanent style that can last 2-4 months so they work best with hair that can properly hold a braid. A beaded weft works best with thick or textured hair, however, it can be worn with thin or soft hair as well. The beaded weft install is rather quick and only lasts about 1-2 months, so even if the weft slips due to soft or fine hair, it can be touched up easily. 

The Installation

This is one of the biggest defining factors to consider when choosing which installation is best for you. A weave requires you to braid your hair up so that the weft may have a foundation to be sewn onto. Once a braided foundation has been created, a stylist will then sew the wefts to the braids, making sure not to puncture the wefts as that can lead to shedding. For a beaded weft, the installation method is much simpler. A stylist will attach the weft by pulling your hair through the micro-beads and clamping it down so that it does not move or slip out of the hair. This method allows you to use the volume of your natural hair as well, so if the thickness is a concern for you, beaded wefts are a great solution.

How Much Do I Need?

Not much is needed for a beaded weft installation. Typically a partial installation for both extensions only requires one weft. However, a full head installation requires a bit more. For a full head for a beaded weft, all you need (depending on how thick you’d like it) is just 1-2 wefts. For a full sew-in weave, you will need 1-2 wefts, and potentially a closure or frontal piece to complete the look if you do not want to leave any hair out for a blended part.

With all of these factors in mind, which type of weft do you believe is best for you? If you’re still not sure, please feel free to contact us by giving us a call at 1-888-290-4771 or emails us at If you’re interested in a free consultation with a professional stylist, book now!

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