Become an All-Star Stylist with Our Hair Extension Classes

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You’ve mastered how to work with and style all textures, and perfected every coloring technique that comes about, but what if your styling business could be better? Take your skills to the next level with extensions! Extensions have been on the rise in the hair community and are in high demand with clients. Give your hair transformations a serious upgrade by adding extensions to your repertoire. Expanding your services can lead to doubling your business and retaining more satisfied clients. So check out our hair extension classes today!

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Become a Jack of All Trades with Extensions

As you can tell from our wide range of human hair extensions, there are several different kinds of extensions and many different techniques for installing them. It can all seem a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. YouTube is great for an introduction to the technique but in terms of truly mastering the installation, it is best to attend a class. Perfect Locks proudly offers a wide range of classes for several different installations methods. Check out our education page to choose the hair extension education page to find the training that’s right for you!

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Learn from Long-time Industry Experts

If you're installing hair extensions in the Bay Area, you're in luck! Each class is taught by a respected professional in the industry with years of experience, who is excited to share their wisdom with you! We will provide the hair and tools necessary for the installation, as well as an in-depth installation guide to help cement your education. The classes are modest in size (anywhere between 5-15 students) so that each student can receive the attention necessary to ensure that the material is properly absorbed. Each class requires a doll head and table clamp. If you do not have these items they are available for rent or purchase. At the end of each class, the students are given certification to show that they are qualified and have received the proper training to install extensions.

Continuing Education is Very Important

However, our relationship with our students doesn’t end when the class does. We have a Facebook group that students can join for any support they may need from us or one of our amazing instructors. Upon completion, we also provide a discount on all Perfect Locks products (excluding bundle deals and clearance items) to help you get started.

Once you have completed your training, be sure to tag us on social media so that we may see and share your work with our growing following. We want you to succeed and the best way to do that it to keep learning, growing and expanding! Sign up for your next class today!

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