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African American Children's Hairstyles and Tips

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Many children love to style their hair, whether they have straight or curly hair. But did you know that styling children's hair can be both fun and challenging? This is due to its unique texture and versatility. Here are some popular black hairstyles for kids and tips you can follow when styling their hair:


Many people choose braiding as the default method of styling their African American child's hair. There are many creative styles that can be created with braids, from French braiding, to zig zag parts and cornrows.

Braided hairstyles can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, and these styles can greatly enhance a little girls appearance. Take care in braiding your child's hair in a way that will not cause permanent damage. If you're buying hair to braid, make sure you use cuticle-intact bulk hair for a natural look.

Do not pull the child's hair when braiding. This can cause tension baldness that may be permanent.

Do not braid the hair all the way to the edges. The edges of a child's hair are extremely fragile and will break. Severely damaged edges may never grow back.

natural african american kids hairstyles

Natural Hairstyles

If you choose to let your daughter's hair be natural and free, you can enjoy a simpler hairstyling routine. There are many black children's hairstyles that require little maintenance. However, you will still need to care for the child's hair and maintain its health. For children's whose hair is worn loose or in a natural style such as locs, the key is to keep it conditioned and moisturized.

Keep the hair tangle free by detangling with a rubber pick.

Don't comb through the child's hair. This will create damage and may break the delicate hair strand. Use a paddle or soft bristle brush to give the hair body. Cover the hair with a satin bonnet before bedtime. Keeping the hair covered with hold in moisture and prevent tangling. Parting the hair into sections and making a few large braids will also prevent tangling.

Relaxed/Processed Hair

Many experts advise against using chemical relaxers in a child’s hair before the age of twelve. Young hair is extremely fragile and chemicals can burn and damage a child’s sensitive scalp. However, if you are going to treat your daughter’s hair with chemicals, make sure to keep in mind the following tips:

  • Make sure the relaxer is specially formulated for children’s hair. Using adult relaxers on a child’s perfect locks can be harmful and cause permanent damage. Don’t over-process the hair. Avoid using flat irons, straightening combs or hair dryers on newly-treated hair.
  • Don’t pull or put tension on the edges of the hair. The hair is already weakened by the chemical and is more susceptible to breakage.

relaxed haistyle african american girls


Adding accessories can dress up an ordinary hairstyle and make it extraordinary. Follow these tips when choosing the right ones for your child’s hair.

  • Avoid heavy beads that weigh down the hair. Limit the beading to no more than three or four per braid.
  • Don’t use rubber bands on the hair. This can cut through the hair strand and pull the hair from the scalp.
  • Beware of tight barrettes, clips and ribbons. Anything that adds tension to the hair has the potential to damage your child’s hair.

hair accessories

9 Best Black Hairstyles for Kids

  1. Braided Ponytails: Create multiple little or medium-sized braids and then assemble them into a high or low ponytail. This style is not only cute, but it also protects your hair.
  2. Box Braids: Box braids are a traditional and flexible hairstyle option which come in a variety of sizes and lengths, allowing for unique styling.
  3. Twists: Two-strand twists or flat twists are a stylish and protective hairstyle that let's you create various patterns and styles, and twists can be left in for an extended period, promoting hair health.
  4. Cornrows: Cornrows are a traditional and timeless choice. You can create intricate patterns or keep it simple. Cornrows are not only stylish but also help in protecting the hair.
  5. Afro Puffs: Afro puffs are a playful and easy hairstyle. Simply gather sections of hair into round puffs on the top or sides of the head.
  6. Bantu Knots: These are not only stylish but also can create beautiful curls and is suitable for various hair lengths.
  7. Fulani Braids: This involves braiding cornrows along the sides and adding beads or accessories for a decorative touch.
  8. Tapered Cut: For a shorter and low-maintenance option, consider a tapered cut. It's a stylish and practical choice for active kids.
  9. High Bun with Braided Crown: Create a high bun and add a braided crown around the base. This style is elegant and keeps the hair neatly tucked away.

black hairstyle for kids

Tips for Styling African American Children's Hair

African American hair tends to be dry, so it's crucial to moisturize regularly and use a leave-in conditioner or natural oils to keep the hair hydrated. Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to gently detangle the hair. Start from the tips and work your way up to the roots.

Consider protective styles like braids, twists, or bantu knots to protect the hair from breakage. Trimming regularly can keep the hair healthy and prevent split ends. Only choose the style that is appropriate to your child's age and can make them comfortable. 


There are many factors to consider when choosing black hairstyles for your kids. Make sure to care for the child’s hair and use care in selecting chemicals, styling tools, and accessories. And it's always best to prioritize the health of your children. Their overall safety matters most.

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